Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1024

Chris joins the show to talk about Sony's new full-frame, mirrorless DSLR - the A7 and A7R. Leo says that everyone is going crazy over it. Trey Ratcliffe is selling off his SLRs to go mirrorless. Is this trouble for DSLRs? Chris says it just may be. We can take these big cameras and dump them. Chris says the one thing that has prevented him from going mirrorless was the sensor size. With the A7, he no longer has that hesitation.

What's a good camcorder in the $600 to $800 range?

Canon Vixia

Episode 897

Mark from Australia

The cameras that TWiT uses are Canon Vixia camcorders, which are consumer grade HD camcorders. Like most digital camcorders though, they do best when there's lots of light. In a studio where light is controlled, they work great. Leo's not sure how well they'd work in the field though. If it's going to be used for shorter video in the field, a lot of people are using DSLRs now.

Why does my DSLR camera get blurry whenever I connect my zoom lens?


Episode 892

Casey from Lakeport, CA

There's a switch that goes from AF/MF (Auto Focus/Manual Focus). She should make sure it's in auto focus, and then press the shutter button halfway down and it should focus. If it isn't, then she should put the camera in Manual Focus and try turning the focus ring. Since it still isn't focusing, Leo thinks the lens is damaged. It's probably still under warranty, though.

Chris Marquardt - Tips from the Top Floor

Episode 892

Chris Marquardt’s topic today is … what does your left hand do when you’re shooting? Usually, you shoot by steadying your camera under the lens. Just holding the entire camera with one hand is not only difficult, it’s unstable. Your left hand is a point of stability that carries the weight, especially if you anchor your elbow against your rib cage. Then you become a kind of tripod for your camera. It’s all about stability. And looking through your viewfinder will also help provide stability.

I have the old Fuji S7000 camera. Would the Fuji HS25 be a good upgrade? (Part 2)

Fireground Action Photography

Episode 886

Dave from Merced, CA

If Dave has Fuji lenses and wants to stay with Fuji, then the HS25 is a very nice camera to look at. Leo has a friend who is a police officer who photographs fires, and he uses less expensive cameras because he doesn't want to risk damaging his expensive cameras in the heat of the blaze. His site is Fireground Action Photography.