How can I get DSL without phone service?

Ethernet cable

Episode 1051

Lynn from Fountain Valley, CA

Lynn would like to get DSL without phone service. Leo says that's called "Dry loop" DSL and Verizon has been thought to offer it. But he's heard that they haven't. Leo advises to go with DSL Extreme and see if they can get it for him. The FCC has required that access be there, but the phone companies don't like it and do everything to make it frustrating, including cutting the copper.

How can I get DSL without a phone number?

Episode 1033

Barry from Sierra Madre, CA

Barry would like to get DSL Extreme without having to pay for a Verizon phone number. Leo says that's called "Dry Loop DSL" and the carrier should to offer it, according to the FCC. But the phone companies do make it very difficult to get because there's no money to be made from it. Leo says that DSLExtreme will fight for him to get connected. From the chatroom, AT&T offers Dry Loop. So if he has AT&T it in the area, that may be the option.

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Do I need a phone line to get DSL?

Episode 1023

Travis from

Travel has broadband through his cable provider and he's looking to try out DSL Extreme, but he can't get it unless he uses AT&T as his phone provider. Leo says that DSLExtreme runs over AT&T's phone lines, but you can get “dry loop” service, which offers service without paying for the phone service. That's required by law. So Leo suggests calling back and asking for dry loop DSL.

Do I have any choices for Internet other than cable?

Episode 1002

Yureal from Long Beach, CA

Yureal is a gamer and he's got cable internet. He's cancelling the service because it's too expensive ($70) and they want to charge him because "they have to leave the line in." Leo says that's nonsense. If he's having issues with his cable, it could be because of how far he is away from the office. If there's no competition in the area, he'll probably have to pay more for less. The only other choice is a wireless provider.

Will a powerline adaptor work to share internet with my Mom in the same apartment building?

Episode 1002

Nick from Northridge, CA

Nick lives in an apartment complex where his mother lives. He wants to know if the powerline adapter will enable him and his mom to share internet. Leo says not with the powerline adapter, It won't go over junction boxes. They could just use Wi-Fi though.

Is there a Wi-Fi router with a Roku-like function built into it?

Episode 990

Michael from Valley Village, CA

Michael is going with DSL Extreme and he needs a WiFi router for it. Could his old AT&T Wi-Fi modem work instead? Leo says it could act as a router, but it has to have Ethernet into it. He should make sure that he's enabled it for bridge mode. It'll either work or it won't, but Leo says that Michael should just get a wifi router instead. Leo recommends Dlink.

Does DSL Extreme's Router work with XBox Live?

Episode 968

James from San Diego, CA

James wants to know if DSL Exteme's router will work with XBox Live. Leo says that it will work with all internet services. XBox Live configures the router to use Universal Plug n Play, and that's a security issue. So he'll want to use port forwarding to get around that and keep UPnP disabled. There may be a bit of latency, but DSL has less latency than a cable provider.

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Why am I having problems with my DSL connection?

Episode 955

Jose from California

Leo says to first make sure all the filters are installed. If that isn't the issue, then it may be the wiring in the house. The lines could have noise. The phone companies hate DSL Extreme because they are forced to work with them. So they'll likely blame DSL Extreme, even if it's actually the phone company's fault. If it's anything outside the house, it's AT&Ts problem and by law, they have to fix it.