DSL Extreme

How can I avoid getting a cancellation fee from my Internet service?

Episode 1001

Doug from Huntington Beach, CA

Doug moved into a different building in his apartment complex. Now he can't use DSL Extreme because they don't have the wires installed. He's angry that DSL Extreme charged him a cancellation fee. Leo says to be fair, it wasn't DSL Extreme's fault. It's the apartment complex. If he's nice and talk to either tech support or a manager and explain the issue, they may take help him. It's important to understand that this isn't their fault, though.

Does DSL Extreme's Router work with XBox Live?

Episode 968

James from San Diego, CA

James wants to know if DSL Exteme's router will work with XBox Live. Leo says that it will work with all internet services. XBox Live configures the router to use Universal Plug n Play, and that's a security issue. So he'll want to use port forwarding to get around that and keep UPnP disabled. There may be a bit of latency, but DSL has less latency than a cable provider.

(Disclaimer: DSL Extreme is a sponsor).

Why am I having problems with my DSL connection?

Episode 955

Jose from California

Leo says to first make sure all the filters are installed. If that isn't the issue, then it may be the wiring in the house. The lines could have noise. The phone companies hate DSL Extreme because they are forced to work with them. So they'll likely blame DSL Extreme, even if it's actually the phone company's fault. If it's anything outside the house, it's AT&Ts problem and by law, they have to fix it.