What camera should I get to monitor my elderly mother?

Nest Cam

Episode 1355

Ron from Charlotte, NC

Ron's mother in law is 89 and he wants to be able to put a camera in her home to check on her from time to time. Leo says that a lot of security cameras can be connected to the internet for that purpose, but there are privacy issues. There is a company out there that monitors ancilliary things like refrigerators, and other internet connected devices to know what she's doing. Ron's mom would need to wear a special watch for that to work.

How can I make a DIY home security system?

Nest Cam

Episode 1211

Tim from San Diego, CA

Tim is looking to install a DIY home alarm system. Leo says he can save money doing it himself, but the majority of the cost is home monitoring, which has a monthly fee. He can do that himself by monitoring via the Internet.

Leo uses Synology, which records to a hard drive and then can be accessed online, but it's not cheap. DropCam (now "Nest Cam") is another option. They're wireless and all he would need is power. But they use a lot of bandwidth.

What's a good home security system?

Episode 1196

Karen from Pacific Palisades, CA

Karen has had breakins in her area lately and wants to get a security system for not only her home, but also looking out to the street. Leo says she has two choices - one to record locally, and one that records to the Cloud. Leo says that the Cloud option, which is done by DropCam, enables her to access her feed from the internet and she can easily go back in time. They're all driven by Wi-Fi and Leo used to use them at the Brickhouse all the time. DropCam is a Google owned company.

How can I add security cams wirelessly to my computer?


Episode 1168

Kenny from Texas

Kenny wants to connect a series of cameras to his computer and use them for security. Leo says a better, more simple solution is a cloud based solution like DropCam, which will enable him to access it from anywhere in the world and even look back over the last year to see what's been going on. It's a great solution. He'll have to pay a monthly fee, but it's worth it. Leo uses them at the Brickhouse.

Google's Nest Buys DropCam

Episod 1093

Google bought NEST, the programmable digital home thermometer with the aim to get into home automation. Then, the NEST division bought DropCam for a half a billion dollars. Leo uses six DropCam cameras at the BrickHouse studios in Petaluma and you can view the cameras online here. Leo says that the acquisition makes sense for the home automation track that Google is on with NEST.

What's the safest way to share photos and live video online?

Episode 1032

Brent from Tennessee

Brent wants to share photos with friends and family and wants to know the safest way to share them. Leo suggests DropBox. He can securely share images by dragging and dropping images to a folder on his PC that will then upload them to the cloud. Then he can share the images by sending his friends a link to the folder he's given them permission to access.

What's the best webcam that can also be used for security?


Episode 980

Richard from San Diego, CA

Richard wants to set up a webcam for both security and showing customers the manufacturing process at his Inflatables plant. People don't believe things are made anymore in the US and he wants to change all that. Leo says that's a great idea, and recommends DropCam. It's what he uses at The TWiT Brickhouse Studios. It also has DVR capability so he can go back in time to see what's happened.