Why can't my iPhone tell people when I'm driving?

Episode 1089

Ray from Greenboro, NC

Ray's iPhone 4S is starting to fail, so he may not be able to make it until this Fall when Apple announces the new iPhone. Leo says ideally, he'd want to wait as long as he can now that we're only months away.

Ray wishes that Apple would provide a message for the iPhone which would tell everyone when he's driving. Leo says he believes that's coming and parents want it for their teen drivers. Leo says that should be coming in iOS 8. Android does that, and iOS should too.

How long will it be before Google's self-driving car is available?

Episode 1017

Gabriel from Miami Beach, FL

Gabriel is visually impaired, and would greatly benefit from this self-driving car that Google has been working on. Leo believes the technology has been perfected, and it works really well already. Gabriel says he has connections to people working on this, and that they should be ready to go on sale by 2017. Legislation needs to be written in California by 2015 for it.

Why don't we have autonomous driving cars yet?

Episode 973

Tom from Riverside, CA

Tom says that cellphone use while driving is bad and that we're overdue to have technology that can prevent accidents by applying breaks automatically (with infrared rangefinding technology). Leo says that autonomous vehicle technology exists now, and many companies use LIDAR to determine if a car is drifting, and adaptive cruise control to slow down if the car gets too close.

Should there be a federal law to prevent texting while driving?

Episode 882

Fred from Mahwah, NJ

Fred is concerned about the studies done that show alarming numbers of kids who text and drive. Leo says it's more than just texting though, there are a lot of things people do while driving that is equally as dangerous. In general, Leo believes we are more and more distracted in our lives and cell phones do contribute to it. The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) in December recommended a full ban on the use of cell phones while driving, not just texting but talking as well even if it's hands-free. The issue is that you can't pinpoint one source of distraction.