driver issues

What does a 'Blue Screen of Death' mean?

Blue Screen of Death

Episode 1412

Bobby from Plymouth, MA

Bobby has Windows 7 Home Edition and he's getting a BSOD. Leo says the blue screen is what happens when something goes terribly wrong and Windows can't go on. There's only two ways to get a blue screen these days: 1) A hardware issue failure, or 2) A Ring Zero failure in software, like a driver issue. Leo recommends updating all his drivers first. That's the easiest thing to troubleshoot. There's a wireless driver that Windows installs automatically that causes the crash, so that could be the culprit.

Why can't I fix my Windows 10 problems?

Windows 10 Start Menu

Episode 1295

Andrew from Orange County, CA

Andrew is having so much trouble with Windows that he calls it the "10th circle of hell." He installed it so that he'd have the free upgrade before the July 29th deadline. His search has disappeared, the Start menu stopped working, along with other problems. What can he do to fix all this? The problem is that Windows 10 has architecture from previous versions going all the way back to Vista. It hasn't been built from the ground up. So because of its age, it has issues. Leo recommends downgrading back to Windows 7. It's mature, solid, and refined to the point where it's a better option.