dragon dictate

How do computers translate text to voice and vice versa?

Episode 1264

Charlie from La Canada Flintridge, CA

Charlie has a Samsung mobile phone and he's amazed with its accessibility features that read text aloud. How does that work? Leo says that Samsung uses their own voice dictation called S Voice and Google has their own voice dictation service that is quite good. Samsung uses Nuance, which has been in this game for decades with Dragon Dictate. It used to be a real challenge, but Leo says that thanks to Nuance and Google, voice dictation is light years better now. Leo also says that with Amazon Echo, it's even more advanced.

Why won't voice dictation work with chat windows?

Episode 1069

John from Irvine, CA

John was using Microsoft's built in voice recognition to dictate in Word. He uses the Logitech G35 USB headset and it learned his voice fast. But it won't work at all with chat windows like Skype, or others. It just won't function at all. Leo says that some applications don't support it dictation. Leo suggests doing a test call on Skype to be sure he's getting a good connection. If he has a good connection and dictation still doesn't work in Skype chat, it may not be supported.

Is there a spreadsheet program that would allow me to dictate entries by voice?

Episode 919

Dave from Montana

Dave collects postage stamps and he has thousands of entries that he wants to input using voice dictation. Windows and Mountain Lion on the Mac side both have dictation capabilities built-in. There's also stamp collection databases that might be better suited to his needs. If he wants that voice capability, Dragon Dictate may be a good option.