How can I do dictation on my laptop without an internet connection?

 WinBook TW802 Tablet

Episode 1170

Ken from Merced, CA

Ken would like to use voice to text without using the internet. Leo says that there are plenty of programs that can do it, but Leo likes Dragon Naturally Speaking. He could even use it on the Winbook TW802 tablet, which is $139 on Amazon right now.

When he upgrades to Windows 10, Cortana will do dictation, but Leo doesn't know if she'll do it online. Dragon can do this offline no problem, though.

How can I install Dragon onto a Windows 8 machine?

Episode 1014

Jim from Clairmont, CA

Jim has a new computer running Windows 8, and he can't run Dragon: Naturally Speaking on it. So far, no one has been able to help him solve the issue. The chatroom also says he can try copying the files onto the hard drive and install it from there. Jim says it installs, but won't run.

Leo says that a DVD can often just be bad and Leo says that taking it back and trading it in for a new one will certainly solve the problem. The chatroom also pointed to this technote on installing it.