door locks

How can I set up a wireless door lock for my elderly aunt?

Schlage lock

Episode 1456

Dan from New Jersey

Dan has an aunt who lives a reclusive life and there are times she can't get up to open her door. Dan is wondering if there's a remote option that will allow her to open the door? Leo says sure, but she will also probably want a camera and monitor so she can see who's at the door before she opens it. That would require Wi-Fi, though. Schlage makes one that opens via Bluetooth. Kwikset was the first company to do this.

Are Smartphone controlled door locks secure? (Part 1)

Episode 1020

Scott from Sherman Oaks, CA

Scott has heard about home security apps which allow people to unlock their home via an iPhone, and is wondering how secure they actually are. Leo says that they're likely very similar in technology to garage door openers, so it should be secure because users can set their own password and level of security. Door locks are mere conventions though, and they can be defeated if given enough effort.