How can I register a domain in Brazil?

Episode 1206

Chris from Florida

Chris wants to get a domain name for a specific country. Leo says that the international organization called ICANN approves registries and country codes for all domains. Leo suggests Google searching for the domain registry for his country code. Any registrar will work if they support registering the country code he wants. is a good place to start. But he may run afoul of laws pertaining to that country. Brazil, for instance, requires a Brazilian tax ID to buy a domain with their country code.

Is "domain investing" a good idea?

Episode 1198

Aiden from Hobbes, NM

Aiden wants to know if investing in domain names is a good idea. Leo says that domain investing is just a fancy term for domain squatting. Leo doesn't think this is a legit practice. It's also risky as the ICANN can award trademarked domains to the trademark owner for free, leaving him out in the cold. Generic terms can be a risk, but he'd only need one to pay off for it to succeed.

Should I buy my domain before getting a web host?

Episode 1196

Art from Los Angeles, CA

Art wants to register a domain name and be sure that he owns the website. Leo says that is important. He won't want to let a web host register it for him because they could end up owning the domain. Then he'd have to try and pry it from their clutches. So Art should go to a domain registrar first, get his domain and then he can go to a webhost and have them set up his site. This way he will keep the domain ownership.

Can I transfer my domain name?

Episode 1193

Sheryl from Orange, CA

Sheryl wants to move her domain from her current web host. She doesn't need a website and just wants to keep her email. Can she do that? Leo says sure! She can even park it over at Google and use Gmail with her domain name. No need to pay a web host. Leo does that all the time with GMail and SoftLayer. Sheryl can just contact her current webhost and advise them that she's taking back her domain name, and then move it to Gmail.

How can I get my domain back up?

Episode 1174

Sean from Orlando, FL

Sean made the mistake of transferring his domain name in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign. Now he is struggling with time outs. Leo says that Sean needs to talk to the domain registrar. But it takes time moving nameservers from one host to another. He might have to contact the original host and get them to release the domain name so the other host can pick it up. If he's hosting the site at home, then he'll have to run a domain server. This is the main reason why he shouldn't host the site at home.

How can I move my domains and email account to a new provider?

Episode 1157

Jason from Richmond, VA

Jason has his email with GoDaddy, and wants to move to something else. Leo says he can have Gmail fetch the email that's currently in GoDaddy. Leo says he could also move his domain name to a new registrar and tell it the email server is GoDaddy. Jason is having a problem with the filtering though, and a lot of email isn't getting to him because it's being blacklisted. Leo says Gmail does the best spam filtering of anyone, without a lot of the issues. Leo says he could set up a Gmail account for each of his family members and then move the mail to Gmail, it just will be a lot of work.

How do I get a domain name?


Episode 1116

Louis from Los Angeles, CA

Louis wants to create a website about camping. Leo says Louis first should secure a domain name. This is essentially the address in the phonebook. It's also what people will enter into their brower to navigate to it. He can secure his domain name at a wide variety of companies. Leo uses Hover, but even Google is doing it now. He can search for his choice and it'll show him options, and there's tons of extensions. The reason for all the extensions is that most .com domains are already taken.

(Disclaimer: Hover is a sponsor).

How many IP addresses are there with IPv6?

IP address

Episode 1110

Victor from Anaheim, CA

Victor is curious about how many possible addresses are available in IPv6. Leo says that there are a ton. With IPv6, we'll have 2^128th. Victor did the math and it means we'd be able to cover the entire world with a blanked of sand worth of internet addresses, and we'd have more internet addresses than stars in the universe. Leo says that's mind boggling, and the reason it's important is that we're moving towards putting everything online with its own IP address.

What's the best domain extension?

Episode 985

David from New York, NY

David is writing a book that he plans to self publish. Leo says to make sure he has a website for the book and a key domain name is important. David wonders what he should do if the domain name for the title is already taken. Leo says that adding "thebook" to the URL is OK. He's wondering if ".TV" is worth considering. Leo says no, and it confuses people. It makes sense if he's doing video, or .am for radio. Any other use for those domains is just confusing. His first choice should be ".com", with ".net" being a close second.

How can I change my blog's URL without losing views?

Episode 984

Janet from Santa Monica, CA

Janet has a blog on Blogger and the URL is really long. She'd like to change the URL (, but she's worried she'll lose views by changing the name. Leo says that Janet should go into the domain management settings in blogger and have a custom domain name forward to the Blogspot site. It's called domain redirection and it shouldn't affect her Google ranking.

How can she make money on her site? Leo suggests using Google AdSense right away. Check out the book "Google AdSense Secrets" too.