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I bought a domain name. Now what?


Episode 1523

Cara from San Diego, CA

Cara is a budding writer who wants to set up her own website and blog. She has a domain name and set up her website through GoDaddy. Now what? Rich says that doing a blog is probably the best long term. They'll do it all, and all she needs to do is go into the settings and forward her domain name to the blog.

Another option is to do a self hosted WordPress blog for more control. But it would require a lot more work. So Cara should start small with WordPress and just upscale her blog plan when she needs to.

How can I protect my domain name?

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Episode 1486

Mike from Reno, NV

Mike is frustrated with two domain registry companies that claimed they owned his domain when he cancelled their service. Leo says that's nonsense. They don't own it, he does. But as soon as he stops paying for the registration, the domain goes back into the pool for anyone else to buy. The worst part is that domain registrars will often register a name based on search activity. Leo recommends Google and Hover for domains. They don't want a bad reputation for shenanigans like that.

How can I get my domain name from the original host?

Episode 1400

Ed from Lisle, IL

Ed is transferring his domain to another host but he can't change his email, which is part of the original domain host URL. Leo says that some domain registrars offer email privacy features. Leo says he's going to have to call the original host and tell them he wants access to his domain and email so he can transfer it. Clearly they're making it more difficult than it needs to be.

How can I find out if a domain name is available?

Episode 1230

Sonny from Torrance, CA

Sonny wants to use a domain name and he can't get the one he wants through GoDaddy. Leo says that GoDaddy may have bought it and will then turn around and try and sell it back to him for a higher price. Some believe they watch domain traffic and if he doesn't buy it, they'll snap it up. People don't have to build a website to buy a domain. They just buy them to reserve the domain for a later use. Others, though, cyber squat the domain and then scalp it, which it looks like GoDaddy is doing, and that's not the right thing to do.

How can I have my own custom email address?

Episode 1229

Elliot from Boston, MA

Elliot (aka Mr. Robot) wants to know the best service to get his own domain email. Leo says most domain registrars offer mail forwarding. Leo likes Hover because they'll do it for $5 a year per address. Once he registers his domain, he can setup his Gmail account to handle it all. Here's how to do it, courtesy Doctor Mom -

How can I renew my domain name registration?

Episode 1229

Dave from Los Angeles, CA

David wants to renew his domain and use another company to do it at a cheaper rate. Leo says that what Dave has to confirm is that he actually owns it. Some who use webhosts to host their website or who pay companies to build a website may find out that they don't actually own the website at all, the registrar or webhost does. At that point, he'd have to battle the webhost to get ownership transferred to him. Some even lock down the domain to make it even harder. Once he has it, there is an advantage to buying the domain name for a longer term.

Will switching web hosts affect my Google search ranking? (Part 1)

Episode 1061

Sam from Costa Mesa, CA

Sam has a website, but he'd like to move to SquareSpace. Will it affect his Google ranking to change web hosts? Leo says that as long as Sam doesn't change the URL, it won't. The web ranking is tied to the domain name itself. In fact, a good web host will have tools that will help Sam improve his web ranking. Things like Site Maps, for instance. Leo says Sam can change domain registrars as well if he wants.