Dolby Atmos at home

Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1157

Scott has a few questions this week. Matias from Sweden has a pair of Mirage OM6 Speakers, BMW Surrounds, and he was thinking about getting a Mirage center channel speaker. Scott says that's a good idea. He'll want to match his speakers as much as possible and it's a good idea to make sure he keeps the speakers out in the open because they are omni directional. That allows for bouncing sound off the walls and that gives it a nature tonal quality.

Scott Wilkinson ... Installed part II

Episode 1117

Scott is calling in from the CEDIA show, which is a custom design and installation show for home theater. He's been able to hear Dolby Atmos at home, which uses speakers to bounce sound off the ceiling to create a simulated 3D sound and he says it's pretty amazing. And the good news is that you don't have to upgrade your blu-ray player at all, you can just choose the Atmos sound track. But you will have to upgrade your AV receiver, which will set you back about $1000. But you can keep your speakers and just invest in the up-firing modules. So it's a half upgrade of your system.