Does Office come with Windows?

Microsoft Office

Episode 1558

John from Los Angeles, CA

John wants to know if Microsoft Office comes with Windows. Leo says it doesn't, but there's an open source option called Libre Office, which is free, and will do most of what MS Office does, including reading all Office document files. Buying Office is very expensive, but he can do a monthly subscription rate, which is about $100 a year for Office Home. It's the most affordable solution.

How can I scan a lot of documents and pictures?

Episode 1232

Glenda from Orange, CA

Glenda wants to know how she can scan multiple documents quickly. Leo says that a mobile phone is a fast way to capture documents and images. The key to good scans is light, though. Glenda will want to hold it as still as she can. There are tons of apps on both Google Play and iOS that can do it. Leo likes Evernote. It'll even do optical character recognition with the paid version.

Why can't I open old documents from Dropbox on my mobile device? (Part 2)

Episode 961

Ronald from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that the documents could be corrupted. It may also be that the phone just can't open the format it has. If the format is something generic like PDF, then it could be that the copy wasn't sent to the phone properly. Or, if the phone just can't read it, he can open it on his desktop and recreate it. That could solve the issue. He should try using FoxIt, not Adobe Reader. Adobe has security issues these days.