Why do I get redirected to the Facebook login page when I type google.com?


Episode 957

Patsy from Huntington Beach, CA

When Patsy tries going to google.com, her network goes to "Facebook" with a message "unverified server" on all her devices. Leo says there's a chance her home network has been hacked. She should not log into Facebook. It makes sense that Google gets redirected so she can't figure out a solution to her problem. The chatroom says that it could be her DNS server. They advise going to, and if Google pops up, then there's a DNS issue. If it doesn't, then it may be the DNS has been changed on the router.

How can I fix DNS errors?

Episode 957

Steve from Detroit, MI

Steve is getting DNS errors and his internet connection is slowing to a crawl. Leo says it's likely a flakey cable modem. He advises taking the modem to the Comcast cable store and telling them it's broken. Ask them for a DOCSIS 3. It's fast and more reliable. Or, he can just buy a modem and avoid the monthly rental fee.

If that doesn't fix it, it could be malware. It is not unusual for malware to modify DNS. If he can't get to an antivirus page, that's often a sign of malware.

Why am I not getting anything back when I 'ping' certain domains?

Episode 922

Adam from Hesperia, CA

'Pinging' is a method of directly contacting a site just to confirm there's a connection there. According to the chatroom, if he has too many devices on his FiOS router, it could be preventing the router from connecting temporarily. Each device takes up an entry on the NAT table (Network Address Translation). Size limitations on that NAT table could cause the router to choke.

Why am I getting redirected to other sites despite antivirus not finding anything?

Episode 901

Matt from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that if Microsoft Security Essentials didn't find it, and Nod32 didn't see it either, chances are there isn't any malware on Matt's computer. He could have a browser hijacking object or a browser helping object.

Since it's doing it across more than one browser, it may be DNS Changer, which has changed Matt's DNS settings and is routing Matt's traffic elsewhere.

Why am I getting the Chinese version of ebay.com?

Episode 900

Carlos from Chino, CA

Leo's guessing that Carlos has a cookie that's directing the browser to the Chinese site. He should try clearing cookies to see if that resolves the issue. Or the ISP may be misreading Carlos WiFi as "China" rather than Chino. Go into Internet Options and reset everything. It could also be Malware, a RootKit, or a browser hijack that's redirecting his DNS.