Why and I getting a DNS Server error?


Episode 1405

Tom from North Carolina

Tom is having issues with Google's DNS server not responding. DNS is the phone book for the internet. It takes the URL and converts it to the unique IP address for that website. It will look in local memory first, then the router, and then the Internet Service Provider for the address. It can even go beyond that to the master servers that house all domain names and DNS lookups. If it can't find it, you get an error message that there's a kink in the chain. That could mean there's something broken on your PC, or even your ISP's servers.

How can I control internet access for my kids?

Episode 1159

Don from Cypress, CA

Don wants to be able to cut off access to the internet with a touch of a button. Leo says that some routers allow him to do this by MAC address (called an "access control list"). They can set the internet to go off at certain times. He can also go to OpenDNS.com and use their DNS system to filter out unwanted websites. This will work for smartphones as well.

Why am I getting a red message going to Google?

Episode 1040

Aaron B from Phoenix, AZ

Aaron is having an issue where all of his computers get redirected to "CloudFlair.com" when he tries to access Google. Leo says that Aaron's ISP is doing that. It's a service that specializes in protecting people against attacks. Could he change to OpenDNS? Leo says sure, but he may end up getting a different, but similar message. This is something browsers do with expired or mismatched certificates. Leo says that Aaron should try using Google's DNS, which is

How can I limit my kid's internet exposure?

Episode 1030

Max from Palos Verdes, CA

Max has teenage girls and they live on the Internet. What can he do to limit their use? Leo says that most routers can limit time. Apple's Airport can limit time and even restrict specific computers (look in the advanced settings and filter by MAC address). He should also lock down his router with password protection. He can also use OpenDNS to limit where they can go.

Why am I having trouble connecting to the internet?

Episode 965

Jeffrey from San Diego, CA

Jeffrey has been on a dating website and now he's having trouble connecting to the internet. He has been getting notified that his cookies were disabled. Leo says it's DNS malware that has redirected traffic through the DNS servers to control what he sees. It could have impacted his computer, or his network's router. Since Jeffrey has only seen it on his computer, that's an easier thing to repair. He should backup his data, and then format his hard drive and reinstall his OS from a known, good source.