How can I watch movies from my phone on my plasma TV?

Google Chromecast

Episode 1400

Carlos from San Bernadino, CA

Carlos has an LG G6 Android phone and he also has an old Samsung plasma TV. Can he use DLNA to cast to it? Leo says that he can't do it natively, but he can plug in a Google Chromecast to the HDMI port and it will work to cast from his phone to the TV itself via the Google Home app. It works really well and it's very easy to setup. Most apps will do it.

Another option is Miracast through his Windows machine if he has movies there, but it doesn't work very well. Chromecast works much better.

How can I cast video from my computer to my TV?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Episode 1346

Nick from Thousand Oaks, CA

Nick has a Samsung TV and he wants to cast videos from his computer or tablet. Leo says that most TVs support DNLA, which would enable him to stream to the TV. Samsung calls it "Samsung Link" or "All Share." He should Google the TV model and "DLNA" or "Miracast" and he will find out how he can do it. It may also be called "screen mirroring."

Most Windows devices and tablets will support DLNA. The Samsung Galaxy Note would be a good tablet choice, as are the Galaxy Tabs. Leo likes the Galaxy Tab S2. Any Bluetooth keyboard will work also, and the TV will support it.

Why can't I stream from my mobile phone to my Samsung 4K TV?

Google Chromecast

Episode 1247

Mark from Covina, CA

Mark bought a Samsung 4K Curved TV and it won't find his phone unless he unplugs it. Leo says that Samsung's DLNA is notoriously terrible. It stops, drops, and loses connections. Leo's suggestion as an alternative is Google Chromecast. It works perfectly because the hardware connection from the Chromecast is straight into the TV.

Is the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX a good tablet?

Amazon Fire HDX

Episode 1151

Dora from Winnetka, CA

Dora is looking to buy a tablet and she's looking at the Kindle Fire HDX. Leo says it's a good option, but it depends on what she wants to use it for. For the price, it's a good choice. How can she connect it to the TV? Leo says that some tablets have a miniHDMI port, so she would want to use that. Or she can use a technique called MiraCast, which will connect to the TV via DLNA, where it would broadcast it to the TV wirelessly. She would need a Chromecast, which for $35 is a good choice.

How do I stream all of my music through my home network?

Logitech Squeezebox

Episode 949

Mark from Santa Margarita, CA

David recommends the Logitech Squeezebox. Mark has one but would like to get the music to his A/V receiver. Scott says if the NAS is DLNA compliant, like Synology's, he can use the DLNA receiver to pull the music off the NAS wirelessly. If the receiver isn't DLNA, then a blu-ray player may be an option. Head over to AVS Forum for tricks and tips on how to network and stream in the home. Scott also recommends AudioStream.com.

Why can't I get my Sony Bravia TV to connect to my freeNAS server?

Episode 900

Augusto from Lima, Peru

Augusto can't get his Sony Bravia TV to access his media on his freeNAS server, and has to use a PS3 to do it instead. The Bravia has a built-in browser returns an "unknown error" when he tries browsing to his server. It does work when connecting to the Sony pages and other internet sites, though. So the browser is working properly. He does have a web server running on his freeNAS, too, and can access it from other computers.