DJI Phantom 2

Jon Miller


Episode 1102

John Miller fills in for Chris Marquardt today. He holds the distinction of flying a quadcopter at the highest altitude ever recorded on Mount Everest. John goes up with Chris every year, and he's documented their Everest adventure on stills and videos. This year he brought a DJI Phantom Quadcopter with a GoPro camera. He took it to Base Camp and flew it, making it the highest recorded quadcopter flight ever. He also brought a Turbo Ace Matrix drone which has 15 propellers for a larger payload and greater lift.

Should I get trained as a drone pilot?

DJI Phantom 2

Episode 1088

Burt from St. Paul, MN

Burt wants to know if drones are the future of technology, and should he get trained for it? Leo says that the military is the best place to be trained as a drone pilot. In the commercial sector, most of the drones are automated.

If he wants to learn, the DJI Phantom 2 is a fantastic Quadcopter that is remote controlled and GPS aided. It's very stable, and great for aerial shots. That's going to be a huge growth industry as soon as the FAA passes rules for commercial use.