What Monitor Should I Get for a New Mac Mini?

2020 New Mac Mini

Episode 1748

Will from Denver, CO

Will is ready to buy a new Mac Mini with the M1 Apple Silicon processor. He wants to use it for photography. What monitor should he get? Leo says to avoid the Apple XDR display. It's just too damn expensive. The Mac Mini supports Thunderbolt and HDMI, so it can drive many models. Dell makes some really nice monitors for 200-300, but their UltraSharp line would be similar to Will's old iMac. You can get a 27" Dell UltraSharp for $359. 

How can I turn on my Apple Cinema Display?

Apple's Cinema Display

Episode 1740

Paul from Delaware, OH

Paul was recently gifted an Apple Cinema Display. But it doesn't light up if he plugs it in. Leo says there's no on/off switch on that old ACD. You just have to plug it into a computer that has a display port to get it to turn on. You may need an adapter for Display Port to HDMI. 

Paul wants to also know what's the best streaming box. Leo says that Roku seems to be the most compatible, but some ISPs have deals with other boxes like Apple which can give it better programming or preferred traffic. So Apple TV may also be a good choice depending on your ISP. 

How can I fix my Windows screen, it's upside down!

Silly cat...

Episode 1712

Diane from Roseburg, Oregon

Diane's cat jumped on her keyboard and now her Windows screen is upside down! Leo says that's just plain bad luck that the cat hit the right key combination that can cause that. It's actually a feature in Windows. Hit CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow and your Windows desktop should return to landscape mode. You can rotate the screen to portrait or upside-down landscape, by hitting CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow, Right Arrow or Down arrow.

How can I make websites easier to see?

Magnify text

Episode 1379

Richard from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that most browsers can enlarge the screen text to make it easier to read. In most browsers, pressing "Ctrl" and "+" will make the text bigger, while pressing "Ctrl" and "-" will make the text smaller.

As we get bigger screens, text seems to get smaller because a higher resolution means smaller dots. Richard can go into the Windows' Control Panel and change the resolution settings to make his display show everything larger. Windows 10 also has a slider that will make the fonts larger.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1328

This week's topic is about how accurate the image you see on your computer screen is and how you can make it better. Chris says that that the calibration process set at the factory tends to be all things for all people, in the middle ground. So a picture may not look the way you remember it. And when you adjust it, you may end up putting up too much red or green into it and change how it looks when you print it. So you need to calibrate your monitor properly to account for all those factors.

How can I solve the scaling issue on my laptop?

Lenovo Carbon X1

Episode 1105

Mackenzie from Grand Rapids, MI

Mackenzie took Leo's advice and got a Lenovo Carbon X1. But the native resolution on a hi-def display doesn't scale properly and text is extremely small. Leo says that Apple's retina display has solved it by using half resolution that will double when doing photo and video. But since Mackenzie is using a Windows laptop, he'll have to deal with the lower 1080p resolution.