Learn the Difference Between OLED and QLED

Sometimes it can be confusing when acronyms are nearly identical. It would be in consumers' best interest to learn the difference between OLED and QLED before browsing for new TVs. OLED stands for "organic light-emitting diode" while QLED stands for "Quantum Dot LED" (according to Samsung). Quantum dots are extremely small semiconductors that backlight a Liquid Crystal Display. Many people think "QLED" was a label intentionally chosen to look similar to "OLED", despite not being the same technology.

Why does my computer's display appear shifted over?

Episode 992

Ed from Marina Del Rey, CA

Ed says his display is shifted, and things are not appearing correctly in Windows. Leo says it could be a driver issue. He should try to boot up to Windows in Safe Mode by holding down the shift key or F8 during start up. This will load Windows with basic drivers, including a basic VGA graphics driver. If it looks normal, then he'll know that he has an incorrect driver, or that the driver is set wrong for his monitor. He should download and install the latest display driver and reboot.

Why is my computer's display appearing stretched?

Episode 876

Ed from Palos Verdes, CA

Leo says that’s common when using the wrong driver for the display. Check the display settings and try another resolution - look for the native display settings. If that doesn't fix it, Ed should look for the correct drivers from the manufacturer (in Ed's case, Dell) and install those. Ed said they only list drivers up through Windows Vista, but the Windows Vista drivers should work fine on his computer.