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Johnny Jet on Travel

Johnny Jet

Episode 1297

New website - RoomerTravel. It's like Stubhub for hotel rooms. Great for when you book a hotel room that you can't get refunded. You can list it here and offer it to another party. The site takes 15%, but at least you're getting something back. If you still want to hang on to your hotel, you can always call the hotel and ask to reschedule your booking for another date. Then later, if you still need to, you can cancel the reservation.

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet

Episode 1173

This week's app is Postagram. It allows you to create post cards digitally and be able to mail them through your phone. Leo says he's used it and loves it. He wishes it were the full postcard, but it's just half the postcard. Other than that, it's quite convenient.

This week's website is It not only looks for hotels, but also coupons and discount rates.