Can I run both DirecTV and cable on the same TV?


Episode 1068

Jim from Cypress, CA

Jim wants to run both DirecTV and Time Warner Cable off the same TV. Leo says he can do it via the HDMI ports on the back of the TV. Then he can just switch from one source to the other. But he'll need a separate cable for it. Can he do it wirelessly? Leo says that wireless HDTV is a difficult thing. It's always best to go wired through HDMI.

How can I move my DVR programs from DISH to DirecTV?

Episode 1023

John from

John had DISH and left due to multiple receiver failures. He's moving to DirecTV and wants to know if the external hard drive he used on Dish could be read by DirecTV. Leo says not likely since it's mostly due to encryption and copy protection. It may be possible to decrypt it, but it's a long shot. Leo recommends visiting That's where all the hackers hang out who like to play with encrypted video.

How can I use my Slingbox with DirecTV? (Part 1)


Episode 1006

Dale from Palmdale, CA

Dale has a Slingbox, and ever since he updated his Slingbox app on his phone, it won't work unless he uses the HDMI cable. Slingbox says it's the HDCP copy protection of DirecTV. Leo says that this is most likely true. Leo recommends checking to make sure his HDMI cable is HDCP compliant. It sounds like DirecTV is turning on copy-protection to frustrate users of devices like the SlingBox.

How can I watch DirecTV on the road?

Episode 955

Kevin from Oregon

Leo says that there's an app for that. The DirecTV app for iPhone and iPad would allow him to turn his iPhone and iPad into a mobile TV. He could log in and watch, record to his DVR, etc. It's limited right now on what people can watch, but it can be a solution.

Another solution is the SlingBox, which would enable him to watch anything from any internet connection, and they have an app as well ($29). He can watch content from his DVR, too.

Is satellite TV as good as cable?

Episode 931

Mike from New Jersey

It can be, but Leo thinks that cable is better in picture quality. Additionally, the dish needs to have an unobstructed view of the southern sky. If Mike has a tree that grows in front of it, or experiences heavy weather conditions, he may have issues. Then there's over the air high def, which he could get just with an antenna. He can get uncompressed HD signals that are gorgeous, if he's within line of site to the broadcast tower. So ideally, he could cut the cable entirely and then just stream shows off the internet that he doesn't get live.

Should I switch to DirecTV?

Episode 928

Walter from Huntington, WV

Walter has a DVR, and the frame advance doesn't work going forward. Dish says it's a software problem, so he's thinking of switching to DirecTV. Scott doesn't think the picture quality is as good as Dish, though, but he says that the difference is minor. Scott switched to it because he wanted to see the Olympics in 3D. Every once in awhile, the DirecTV image gets pixelated and Scott never saw that on Dish. Also on the Fox channels in LA, the commercials have a "zipper" effect, which is weird and only happens on Fox stations' commercials.