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Chris Marquardt ... Not buying on the iPhone 11

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1627

Chris joins us and says he's not buying the iPhone 11 because he believes that the phone is in the "tock" cycle, and there's going to be a much better phone next year. So he's going to wait. Having said that, he thinks that the three lens camera on the iPhone is a two stage upgrade. The three cameras are matched, so they have the same colors and calibrated to make it a seemless shot. And the night shot mode is interesting as an answer to Google's Night Sight. It takes up to nine photos at various aperture and shutters speeds and then uses computational photography to fuse them together.

How can I edit the metadata in my still images?

Photo Me

Episode 1536

James from Tallahassee, FL

James is looking for an app that will help him to edit the metadata that is in his still images. He wants one that will allow him to put in a description and then search for keywords. Leo says that all photos have extended information tags, or "EXIF" data. There's also a standard called IPTC that does titles and descriptions. So it can be done. Most photo library programs, like Adobe Lightroom will do it. There's a free one called Photo Me.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1492

Chris joins us to talk about whether there's a difference between Canon, Nikon, or any others. Chris says not really. It really comes down to preference, comfort, and usefulness. If you already have an investment in lenses, it makes sense to stay in that family. But if you are just getting into photography, then mirrorless is a great place to get started because it's smaller, lighter, and the quality is still the same.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1462

Chris says that when you're taking photos, you need think about what is really important about it. What is the subject? What story is it going to tell? What is the image about? Decide what is important in your photo and make the shot about that. Here's how:

1. Look at what's going on around your picture. What background will work best with your subject. Walk around until you find something that's interesting.
2. Make the subject more important. Put the subject in a frame, like a window or a doorway, or maybe next to a tree that has a branch overhanging.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1447

With Winter, there's a lot of overcast skies and snow, and that means we're spending more time inside. So Chris says it's time to begin practicing your photography by shooting something from different angles to practice your photo composition. You can do that indoors with your iPhone where it's nice and warm! Just take a picture of a flower vase, for example. Also, pay close attention to how light falls on your subject and how the colors look. How does the color change with light or angle? This will help you understand what light and color does and how to manipulate it on your subject.

How can I transfer photos from my camera to my iPad?

Apple Camera Connection Kit

Episode 1429

Tim from Long Beach, CA

Rob is a professional photographer and he wants to use an iPad Pro to capture his images from his camera. Leo says that there are shortcomings here, because the camera connection kit by Apple doesn't really work well, and the iPad can't read RAW files. So he'll have to look at JPEG images. That's why Leo gave up on it. Canon has an iOS app that would enable him to wirelessly transmit photos to his iPad if his camera has wireless capability. It works quite well. The only other option would be to use his Mac and then copy the photos over from there.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1419

Apple has a new image format that's going to be coming with the new IOS 11 called HEIF, or high efficiency image format. It will have raw capabilities giving more detail and color gamut, but at smaller file sizes.

Chris joins us to talk about traveling with your gear. He read and article about someone traveling with $20,000 in gear and when he arrived at his destination, they were smashed because he checked them. So here are some tips: