digital cameras

What camera should I buy for an around the world cruise?

Sony RX100

Episode 1231

Brian from Tonopah, NV

Brian is going on an around the world cruise and he needs a good camera. Leo says that it's a good idea to get the camera well before he goes on his trip so he can play with it and learn how to use it before he goes. Brian doesn't want to switch lenses and wants a GPS as well. Leo says that if money is no option, the Sony DSC-RX1 is amazing. But at $3,000 it's a very expensive point and shoot. It's got a full frame sensor, so the low light performance will be the best.

What's a good point and shoot camera in the $500 to $800 range?

Sony DSC-RX100M II

Episode 1216

Elliot from Boston, MA

Elliot wants to get a new camera and he can spent about $500 to $800. Leo says that the Sony DSC-RX100M II is a great point and shoot. It's the best out there because it has a 1" sensor, making it great in low light. It's also great for video too. Canon makes a good one as well, but Sony is really making the best stuff right now.

Should I buy a Sony a7s?

Episode 1086

Eric from California

Eric got to shoot with the Sony a7s and he thinks it's amazing. Leo says that the a7s makes Sony a dark horse in the category, and out of nowhere they've become a heavy hitter. It tells Leo they're more committed to the platform that they're coming out with this a7s. It's also less expensive than the previous model, the a7r.

Leo says that mirrorless cameras are more compact and they're really starting to take off with professionals. Leo uses the Olympus OM-D micro 4/3s. But for Eric's location work, the Sony a7s is ideal.

Should I buy another Olympus camera?

Episode 1006

Gary from PEI, Canada

Gary had an old Olympus 512 Ultrazoom that he learned a lot with. He's thinking of getting a new camera, but should he stay with Olympus? Leo is a big fan of Olympus. Leo says going with another is a great idea. One disadvantage is that some older Olympus cameras use xD cards. He'll want to go with SD cards because they're standard. The other problem with point and shoots is a single focal length, which is why the Micro Four-Thirds Olympus PENs are a good option.

What good, fast compact camera do you recommend?

Sony Cybershot DSC-600

Episode 934

Steve from Orange County, CA

Steve wants a good compact camera that he can take quick pictures with, and also works well in low light. Leo says that cameras have gotten faster and shutter lag is almost gone. When dealing with "pocket to picture" or power on time, that's still a challenge. Shooting in burst mode is a good thing as well.