Dick Debartolo

The Giz Wiz gets Cranky


Episode 1723

This week's gadget is the 4000mAh-Solar Hand Crank Portable AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with 1W Flashlight & Motion Sensor Reading Lamp,Cell Phone Charger, SOS Alarm for Home and Emergency・ listed on Amazon. Based on RunningSnail MD-090 crank radio and customer's feedback,  optimized and upgraded a lot of features in this MD-090P emergency weather radio. NOAA weather radio with 7 NOAA channels to get the latest weather and hazard information.

The Giz Wiz and the Collapsible Stool


Episode 1721

Dickie D's gadget of the week is a STOOL!  The Yin Kai Cyber Celebrity – that's the real name, no longer shows up on Amazon, but he found one that seems identical: Gerymu Brand says: Our collapsible stools are very compact and portable. When opened, you can adjust its height between 2.56 and 18 inches. Hand straps and shoulder straps provide two ways to carry. Our Portable telescoping stool each layer has a complete streamlined clasp that provides better stability, and the anti-slip legs on the bottom are safe and reliable. About $27.00.

The Giz Wiz ... Back to School


Episode 1719

This 2020 Acer Spin 3is a versatile notebook that offers tablet mode and “tent-mode” for viewing lessons, game, videos, etc. It bendable because of it's 360-degree dual-torque hinge. It has a great 14" Full HD IPS Screen. There is a built-in garage for the active stylus using Wacom AES technology, which keeps it safe from being misplaced. It also charges it for up to 90 minutes of use in just 15 seconds. It’s powered by 10th Generation Intel Core processors and Acer says it delivers up to 12 hours of battery life.

The Giz Wiz and the Sound Core


Episode 1715

Dickie D joins Leo to talk about The SoundCore Flare 2, the latest addition to feature 360° Sound with dual drivers and passive radiators combined to provide 20W of sound in all directions. Unlike earlier models, this one has light rings on the base and top to provide beat-driven lighting. (Your choice of six, via the app.) IPX7 Waterproof as you'll in this week's show. PartyCast Technology: Link over 100 Flare 2 portable Bluetooth speakers to a single device. You'll see that too in this week's show. 12-Hour Playtime and built-in mic for phone use.

The Giz Wiz and the Splash Pad


Episode 1713

It's not a swimming pool, but something the company calls a splash or sprinkler play mat. I purchased the QPAU Sprinkler Play Mat on Amazon. Kids love to play with water, especially during the hot weather, so this an easy way to let them do that. This 68" Splash Play Mat inflates and sprays water when connected to a garden hose. (No air pump needed.) It's designed to be placed on lawns so it's soft underneath for kid's play. The spray can be adjusted by the water pressure feeding the hose. It's great for hot weather fun for young kids age 3 to 5 (& up!).

The Giz Wiz and the Goose Neck


Episode 1711

This compact goose-neck clip lamp offers 3 Color Modes (3000K, 4500K & 6500K) plus 10 levels of brightness, so you can create 30 illumination modes. Be aware that the light itself is on the small side, about 1.5" across, but it puts out a nice amount of light. The company says the box contains a UL Certified Adapter, which is much safer than the other adapters. Besides the AC adapter, this clip light has a 4.8 feet USB cord which you can easy to plug into any available USB port. (You can use a external battery pack too.

The Giz Wiz and Something Completely Different


Episode 1709

Check out LED Flashlight Gloves. They sell for roughly $15.00 or $7.50 each. The idea is to wear them sort of as portable flashlights. There's an on and off button and 2 LED lamps, one on the forefinger and one on the thumb of each glove. Since they're worn on your hands there's no need to hold a traditional flashlight so doing chores in the dark should be easy. They come with no instructions, but fortunately there's the photo on Amazon which makes it easy to see how to wear them.

The Giz Wiz and the BriteBrush


Episode 1707

Parents, having trouble getting the kids to brush their teeth? The BriteBrush GameBrush could help that big time! There are Music Modes to keep your child brushing, plus 6 other games. The better the brush, the more games you can unlock. There are a total of Seven Fun Games - Space Attack, Soccer, Pinball, Dance Star, Punch Master, Race Car Rally, Rockstar Jam, and Arcade Legends! But wait, there's more! Kids may think it's sneaky, but it wasn't designed for them.