Dick Debartolo

The Giz Wiz and the Workout Lunch

Episode 1681

Being sheltered at home usually means people eating out of boredom. But what if you could workout while enjoying that piece of pie? Dickie D joins Leo to feature the Knife & Fork lift! The Knife and Fork Lift is a combination of utensils and dumbbells! Yep you read that right! These dumbbell utensils can serve as a constant reminder that eating puts weight on and requires exercise to take it off. Lifting food with these utensils is like doing curls with dumbbells because each one weighs 1.5 lbs!

The Giz Wiz ... Spectacled


Episode 1679

If you're practicing social distancing and just watching TV in bed, check out prism spectacles, which are sometimes referred to a bed-glasses and Evelots.Prism spectacles allow users to read text or watch television from a lying down position. They're a big help because you don't have to crane or bend your neck in awkward positions. Lay completely flat in bed with a book propped up in your lap or view television on a wall or table. These lay flat bed reading glasses are also a big help for limited mobility or bed-ridden patients.

The Giz Wiz ... Organized


Episode 1677

This week's gadget from Dicky D is called The Cabinet Caddy.  The Cabinet Caddy provides an opportunity to reclaim cluttered spaces. Perfect for spices, medicine cabinet, bathroom vanity, workbench hardware and more, Cabinet Caddy fits stand cabinets and looks great on countertops as well. Each Cabinet Caddy holds 30% larger bottles than competitors. Just pull and rotate the device for easy access to organized items. Cabinet Caddy was engineered to fit and function neatly side-by-side to create a “library” of organized materials.

The Giz Wiz ... buzzed


Episode 1675

This week's Gadget from Gizneyland is the Spinn coffee maker, which offers different speeds -- spinning the beans makes for different tastes. Spinn slow for regular coffee, about 500 rpm and spin fast for espresso, like 5500 rpm. Here's more from the company. Spinn’s unique centrifugal brewing system allows one machine to make everything from your morning latte to your afternoon espresso with zero mess. But Spinn’s connected features and a worldwide network of coffee roasters are what truly set it apart. It's more than a coffee machine with WiFi.

The Giz Wiz and the Mega Toy Hand


Episode 1673

Big Mouth Humongous Sprinklers! The one in the photo is the over-9-feet-tall Ginormous Giraffe Yard Sprinkler. Even the description the company supplies is clever: It takes backyard entertainment to the "necks" level. Sure, the kids could run through the rusty ol’ sprinkler, but if you want cool points with the fam you’ve got to THINK BIGGER! Take your summer game to the next level the Ginormous 9-foot tall Giraffe Yard Sprinkler, or one of the companies other ginormous animals.

The Giz Wiz and the Gyro Bowl


Episode 1671

The Ztl Baby Gyro Bowl 360 Degree Rotation Spill-Resistant Gyroscopic Bowl with Lid Toy Tableware for Kids is this week's gadget from Dickie D. Made of premium quality food grade PP material, safe for kids to use. Adjusts to the normal posting if the baby twists tilts or turns the bowl, easy to train the baby to eat without help. Anti-Spill design, the inner bowl with gyroscopic motion can rotate 360 degrees to keep dry food inside and avoid food spilling; Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe. 

The Giz Wiz ... Bone Dry


Episode 1669

Taotronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is this week's gadget from The Giz Wiz. This humidifier has a lot of nice features. It's easy to fill, has a built-in night light, auto shut off, and a large 6L/1.59 gallon tank. Dick likes the large tank and the 360° swivel nozzle to direct the mist where you most want it. The company says it can provide up to 60 hrs of continuous mist. It runs for about 16 to 18 hours before the tank is empty. It's very quiet, 26dB says Taotronics. The mist know turns red light to let you know the tank is empty.

The Giz Wiz - Spherical


Episode 1667

Dick's gadget this week is called the Spherificator, which he saw at the Inspired Home Show in NYC. Okay, so what the heck is Spherification? Here's how the company describes it. Spherification is ideal for creating pearls that will liberate their flavors while bursting in your mouth. The Spherificator uses the reaction between the vegan food additives sodium alginate (extracted from algae) and calcium chloride (a salt) to form a spherical membrane around the ingredient you choose.

The Giz Wiz and the Squeezable Lightbulb


Episode 1665

The Incredi-Bulb is the first bulb you can throw on the floor and watch it bounce! You can even crush the bulb part in your hand and watch it slowly pop back into shape. It feels like it's rubber but I'm not sure what it's made of. It will be available in 40 & 60-watt equivalents. And the cost? Somewhere in the $5 to $7 range, due out this Summer. Dickie D found this at the 2020 Inspired Home Press Event in NYC. The packaging in the photo is just a mock-up and may be different when the bulb comes to the market in summer. 

The Giz Wiz Gets Synched


Episode 1661

Most folks know the iPhone 11 & 11 Pro take spectacular photos, but, being of the phone, the flash is limited. This new Anker MFi flash accessory uses the Lightning connector for tight synchronization with the iPhone rear camera & works with the native camera app and 3rd party apps. Anker says it helps illuminate objects at 2x the range and 4x brightness. It ships with a detachable diffuser and a soft carry pouch. 10,000 shots per charge. Enables off-axis and direct fill flash lighting effects both with and without the detachable diffuser.