Dick Debartolo

The Giz Wiz and the Nifty Spiffy Dohickey


Episode 1776

This week's gadget us the inCharge 6 - or as Amazon calls it: The Six-in-One Swiss Army Knife of Cables, Portable Keyring Compatible with Apple iPhone/USB/USB-C/Micro USB Cable for All of Your Devices. This cable is short, about 2”. The whole device ready to charge is about 5”. But it's versatile. You get USB to USB-C, USB to combo Lightning/Micro USB, USB-C to USB-C & USB-C to dual Lightning/Micro USB. The device is very lightweight and easy to use once you master the 'hidden' connectors.

The Giz Wiz Gets Loud!

Episode 1774

This week's Giz Wiz gadget is the Taiker Personal Alarm for Women.140DB Emergency Self-Defense Security Alarm Keychain with LED Light for Women Kids and Elders. The company says with a loud 140DB sound, this self-defense keychain alarm can make a sound loud enough to draw the attention of others at a far distance, which can effectively scare attackers in danger and seek people around for help. Also has an LED light. The alarm is activated when you pulled the contact pin out, and the siren will sound continuously for 30 minutes unless the pin is reinserted into the device.

The Giz Wiz ... snowed in


Episode 1768

This week's gadget from the Giz Wiz is the BonBowl. The BonBowl is perfect if you're cooking for one, or need a way to cook in a small space like on a boat or a dorm room, or I guess even in a motel room. The BonBowl has two parts, the induction cooktop base and a specially designed bowl that fits on top of it. You can even eat off the bowl since it's designed for induction cooking. The company says induction cooking heats twice as fast as gas and electric stoves of similar size. Because the bowl and stove are small, the unit draws only 500 watts.

The GizWiz and the Kold Soda


Episode 1766

Dickie D says that this week's gadget is an innovative solution to making your own SODA at home. ColdSnap was a 2021 Innovation Honoree in the Kitchen Gadgets category. It looks and functions like a larger version of a K cup machine except it dispenses a frozen treat in about 90 seconds. The pods have QR codes on top which tells the machine how to prepare the contents. But it's not cheap at $1,000.

The Giz Wiz and the Extraordinary Bathtub


Episode 1764

Today's gadget is the Kohler Stillness Bath. This is something to behold assuming you have a really big bathroom! The new Stillness Bath draws its inspiration from Japanese forest bathing. It starts with water filling from the bottom of the bath, overflowing into the wood moat to create a soothing sound. Full-spectrum lighting surrounds the bath as mist envelopes the surface of the Stillness Bath. Finally, essential oils can be added to emits invigorating aromas.

The GizWiz ... masked up


Episode 1762

This week's Giz Wiz gadgets are all about masks for the current round of lockdowns. LG won an Innovation Award for their PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier. It's one of the newest parts of their PuriCare lineup with products for the home and commercial spaces. This device features two H13 HEPA filters to prevent up to 99.95 percent of harmful airborne matter. It has DUAL Fans and a patented Respiratory Sensor which allows users to effortlessly breathe pure, filtered air in almost any environment.

The Giz Wiz ... Universally speaking


Episode 1755

If you're a gadget freak, chances are you have a drawer, a box, or crates full of AC adapters. Then trying to use the right one can be a challenge. That's where the ProTech Trader 30w Universal Power Supply Reversible Polarity 3v-12 Volt DC 30 watt 2.5 amp with USB Port & 8 Adapter Tips comes in handy. A multi-volt 30 Watts (30w 2.5 amp) replacement switching power adapter supply compatible with 1000s of small electronic devices using requiring 3 volts, 4.5 volts, 5 volts, 6 volts, 9 volts, or 12 volts up to 2.5a or 30 watts.

The Giz Wiz and the Mini Fireplace


Episode 1753

Dickie D found a great little gadget on Amazon ... a mini-LED fireplace,  And it's only $9.99. But for under $10, I decided to check it out. It's actually a Decorative Flickering Fireplace Lantern. It's either battery-powered or powered by USB. The fireplace light can be used as home decoration, night light, bedside light, romantic setting, table lamp, fireplace, or children's light. ---- It looks warm and cozy, but it does not give off heat.

Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/qzZDeBRbwYg