I'm in a rural area stuck with dial-up internet. Is there a better option?

Episode 1007

Arlene from Temecula, CA

Arlene lives in a rural area and is stuck with dial-up. Leo says that one option is satellite internet from WildBlue. She'll have to pay for more equipment up front. The other option is cellular. If there's 4G access in her neighborhood, then that could also work. If not, then dial-up will be as good as it gets.

Does it make sense to still be using a "Free Net" dialup service?

Episode 884

Clyde from Torrance, CA

Free Nets are great -- they're non-profit, inexpensive and run by volunteers. But they aren't quite as affordable as DSL Extreme. The introductory price is $12.95 a month for the first year, and it's much better and faster than dial-up. After that Leo thinks it goes up to $20, but he'll want to inquire about that. Clyde wants to know if it would still make sense for someone who doesn't watch streaming video, and really just emails and browses the web.