Should I get a Dell or Lenovo PC?

Dell XPS laptop

Episode 1068

Richard from Placentia, CA

Richard is ready to upgrade his Gateway XP desktop to a new computer. Should he buy a Dell or Lenovo? He bought his daughter a Dell Latitude. Leo says that Dell is great, and the Latitude is a great business model PC. In fact, Leo's entire business office uses Dell.

Will he get the same TV directly from Dell than the big box store? Leo says that getting it from will be the most recent computer and that's better. The Big Box Stores will have older, year old models.

What advice do you have in buying a computer and printer?

Lenovo IdeaPad

Episode 984

LaVerne from Florida

LaVerne is ready to buy a new computer and printer and would like to know what Leo recommends. Leo says that if Laverne wants a laptop, then she should wait a few months until the new Haswell processors come out. Battery life will be doubled once that happens. She'll want to look for a 4th generation, Intel processor.

On desktops, there's really no need to wait and he recommends an i5 processor for most people. 4GB of RAM is the minimum, but no more than 8GB is really needed.

What should I look for when buying a desktop computer?

Dell Inspiron 660

Episode 885

Coe from Glendora, CA

Coe wants a desktop computer that can handle video editing. Leo says he'll save a lot of money getting a Windows PC as opposed to a Mac. Leo likes the Dell desktops. He also would recommend avoiding going to a big box store because they offer “house brands” or brands that are last year’s models. Best Buy is a good place to go. Since Coe is doing video editing, he really should get 8 or 16GB of RAM.