Why is my computer highlighting text randomly?

Dell XPS Laptop

Episode 1249

Melinda from Costa Mesa, CA

Melinda has a Dell laptop and it's been highlighting text randomly -- almost like it was being possessed. Dell asked her to reset the laptop to factory specs. She did that. She discovered the hard drive was bad. Leo says he doesn't think it's the hard drive. It's either a faulty track pad or the pad could just be dirty. Dell can repair it under warranty as well. She should ask the technician to look at the track pad. It's likely that's the problem and the tech will fix it.

Why won't my computer boot up?

Episode 1226

Gail from Huntington Beach, CA

Gail would like to listen to Leo's show live on her phone. How does she do that? Leo says it may be easier to just listen to it from the website directly. She can use the TWIT App in the Google Play store. Leo uses the one by FConn. Leo is having an official TWiT app made, so that'll be coming up soon. TuneIn is a great app for it, as is iHeartRadio.

What should I get for my next Windows laptop?

Dell Chromebook

Episode 1225

Dave from Temecula, CA

Dave has been holding out for Windows 10 because he thought Windows 8 was terrible and didn't upgrade to it. Leo says that Dave's instinct was spot on. But Windows 10 is lightyears ahead, and in fact, you could call it Microsoft's apology for Windows 8. Windows 10 is very similar to Windows 7 in feel. However, the world has changed, and a general purpose device is no longer the way we compute. They're a security issue as well as being overly complicated and unreliable. This is why tablets and smartphones have taken off.

What laptop should I buy?

Episode 1222

Benny from Pasadena, CA

Benny is still trying to figure out what computer to get, and he's leaning towards a Dell. Leo says he has the Dell XPS13 and he really likes it. Powerful machines, like desktop replacements, aren't usually very light. But the XPS 13 is an ultrabook and it's very light. He can also get a touch screen option, but that adds more money.

How can I return my Dell computer?

Episode 1221

T. Harris from San Diego, CA

T bought a new Dell laptop and it turned out to be a lemon. So he had to send it back for repair. But he decided while he was waiting for the return box he decided he didn't want a Dell after all. He'd rather get a refund. Now Dell says it's too late. Leo says that if it wasn't past the 90 day return, T should be able to. The day he tells them he wants to return it, they can't legally run the clock out. But Leo says T may have to resort to a consumer protection agency to get recompense.

Where can I go to build a new website?

Episode 1212

Ted from Mizzoula, MT

Ted wants to create a new website for his business after parting company with his partner. Is GoDaddy a good option? Leo says it's not his first choice because they use a site builder app that tends to be a bit out of date and makes no provision for mobile devices. Leo suggests SquareSpace. They have more modern site templates and can offer eCommerce. They also support mobile devices, and are very affordable. Google also has some nice site building tools.

What do I do if my laptop is a lemon?

Dell Inspiron 5000

Episode 1211

Dale from Santa Maria, CA

Dale has a six month old Dell that is a lemon. Leo says that there is a computer lemon law in California, and if he's had to have it repaired several times, it's protected by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty and Consumer Protection Act. Leo says to restore the laptop to the original state and tell them he's done that several times. Then demand for it to be replaced. Intermittent problems are frustrating and can effect processor, RAM, power supply, etc. Overheating due to faulty fans can also cause this.