How can I get my computer's CD drive to play?

Episode 1272

Ernie from San Diego, CA

Ernie's laptop won't read any CDs. Leo says it could be a bad drive, or some other hardware fault. If it's on the motherboard, it's a bad thing. If it's a bad drive, it's easy and pretty cheap to replace. The other option is to just use an external CD drive. Ernie can try the Dell PC Diagnostics Quick Test. It will tell him if the drive is working or not.

Why doesn't Dell support Windows 10 on my laptop?

Microsoft Windows 10 Start Menu

Episode 1270

Richard from Del Rey Beach, FL

Richard has a Dell computer and he upgraded to Windows 10. It didn't work too well, though. It turned out that Dell doesn't support Windows 10 on his computer even though it qualifies. He downgraded back to Windows 7. Leo says that there's some hardware on the laptop that they think doesn't have a Windows 10 driver. But if Microsoft says it's ok, it should be ok. Leo recommends trying it again. Leo says that Microsoft is out of control in trying to get people to upgrade to Windows 10, though. They've even added it to the recommended updates portion of Windows update.

Can I get a cheaper monitor for my Mac other than Apple's Cinema Display?

Dell Monitor

Episode 1263

Pete from San Diego, CA

Pete has a 2011 iMac and he needs more screen real estate. What monitor should he get? Leo says that iMac can probably drive more than one screen. Pete says that third party monitors throw off the aspect ratio, but he doesn't want to pay the Apple premium.

Leo says Apple sets a preference pane for each monitor and sets them separately. So Pete can just get a monitor from Dell instead. They have Thunderbolt capable monitors and will cost half as much, and the aspect ratio will be fine.

Why isn't Wi-Fi working on my Dell XPS?

Dell XPS 13

Episode 1256

Camden from Indiana

Camden is having issues with his Dell XPS' Wi-Fi connection. He's running Windows 7. Leo says to make sure Camden has the right driver from Dell. This would be the motherboard drivers, because most modern laptops don't have a separate card for it anymore. Leo has seen this happen with his Windows 10 Dell XPS 13, and he'd have to reboot for the Wi-Fi to come back. But when Leo uses Linux Mint with the Broadcom driver, he never has any issues.

Why is my computer highlighting text randomly?

Dell XPS Laptop

Episode 1249

Melinda from Costa Mesa, CA

Melinda has a Dell laptop and it's been highlighting text randomly -- almost like it was being possessed. Dell asked her to reset the laptop to factory specs. She did that. She discovered the hard drive was bad. Leo says he doesn't think it's the hard drive. It's either a faulty track pad or the pad could just be dirty. Dell can repair it under warranty as well. She should ask the technician to look at the track pad. It's likely that's the problem and the tech will fix it.

Why won't my computer boot up?

Episode 1226

Gail from Huntington Beach, CA

Gail would like to listen to Leo's show live on her phone. How does she do that? Leo says it may be easier to just listen to it from the website directly. She can use the TWIT App in the Google Play store. Leo uses the one by FConn. Leo is having an official TWiT app made, so that'll be coming up soon. TuneIn is a great app for it, as is iHeartRadio.

What should I get for my next Windows laptop?

Dell Chromebook

Episode 1225

Dave from Temecula, CA

Dave has been holding out for Windows 10 because he thought Windows 8 was terrible and didn't upgrade to it. Leo says that Dave's instinct was spot on. But Windows 10 is lightyears ahead, and in fact, you could call it Microsoft's apology for Windows 8. Windows 10 is very similar to Windows 7 in feel. However, the world has changed, and a general purpose device is no longer the way we compute. They're a security issue as well as being overly complicated and unreliable. This is why tablets and smartphones have taken off.