How can I share my GPS location data while overseas in Belgium?

Episode 874

Bruce from Irvine, CA

If Bruce gets a GSM phone and a local data plan in Belgium, then everything should work just as it would in the States. The Google maps or Open Street Maps that most services like Instamapper use both have excellent maps for Belgium. The biggest concern here is really the cost.

Another possible solution is the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.

What is the best way to buy data while visiting the US?

Episode 874

Chris from London, England

Since Chris has a GSM phone, the easiest thing to do would be getting a temporary SIM card from the AT&T store. The chat room suggests going to Wal-Mart or Best Buy to get a SIM card there, but data is expensive. It may be best to go get a cheap unlimited data phone with a 1 month policy from MetroPCS and then give it over to a friend when Chris goes back home.