Why is my data being written to my SSD and not the hard drive?

Episode 1031

Lisa from Downey, CA

Lisa get a new Dell computer with a 256GB SSD and a 2TB hard drive. Lately, it's been slowing down and she discovered that all the data has been written to the SSD and not the hard drive. Leo says that Lisa should make her spinning drive the "D" drive and then direct Windows to put all her data onto that D drive. She can move all her data over to it and then remove it from her C drive.

She'll need to right-click on my documents, click on "properties," then "location," then tell Windows where she wants the data to go. In this case, that will be the "D" drive.

What's the best option for encrypting my data?

Episode 1023

Bernie from

Bernie has a MacBook Air and iMac and he uses FileVault for encryption. But after hearing that it isn't very safe, he's looking to go to TrueCrypt to encrypt his data. Leo says that is a great idea, especially when traveling. And while both Apple and Microsoft offer solutions built into their OS, an open source is better because it's likely that the NSA and other law enforcement officials may have forced a back door into encryption, and there's no way of knowing if they have or not since the Patiot Act prevents them from saying.

Sebastian Harrison

Episode 989

Sebastian Harrison of Cellular Abroad joins Leo to talk about using a smartphone abroad. Most of Leo's friends are geeks and care more about data than making phone calls. Sebastian says that carriers have more solutions that involve not using your service, than using it! Everyone has different needs, but for a smartphone, it makes sense to take out your SIM and use a local SIM which will give you $10 a GB. Leo asks if international roaming is the issue? Sebastian says yes, it is, and it's expensive.

Is there a service provider that would allow me to buy only data and nothing else on my smartphone?

Episode 933

Pete from Riverside, CA

Leo says that this is coming. Dish Network is starting a mobile company that will offer data only. This is where all the mobile companies are trying to go, dropping voice altogether and sticking with the high speed data networks like 4G & LTE.

Why does my internet access stop when I receive a text message?

Episode 903

Christian from Anaheim, CA

Christian is on Virgin Mobile and every time he receives a text message, his data stops for about 30 seconds. Leo says this is just a disadvantage of CDMA technology, which is what Verizon and Sprint use. Since Virgin Mobile is on the Sprint network, he won't be able to do this. AT&T would allow him to do this though because it is a GSM network. The good news is that with the move to 4G/LTE, all carriers will be able to handle voice and data simultaneously.