Data Breaches

Is my data on the dark web?

Episode 1706

Ed from Huntington Beach, CA

Ed is worried because he got a warning that his data has been found on the dark web. What can he do about that? Leo says you can't really do anything. Data breaches happen all the time. You can change all your passwords, and Leo recommends doing that with your bank, and if your credit card number has been compromised, you can change that. But in most cases, the dark web compromise is mostly your email address, and that's it. 

Check out to see if your email information has been grabbed. 

AT&T Reports Mobile Customer Data Breach

Episode 1091

An unknown number of AT&T Mobility customers had their data shared by a third party partner of AT&T, the company reported in an official filing. The data pertained to unlocking capabilities of mobile phones in a third party phone market. The data included social security numbers and dates of birth.

AT&T says that all affected customers have been notified, but they won't say how many were affected. The law says that you must notify authorities if it's over 500.