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How Can I Delete Data Off Google Drive?

Google Drive

Episode 1821

Diane from Chicago, IL

Diane is breaking up with Google. She's sick of their changing rules when it comes to Google Photos and Google Drive. Since Google has dropped the unlimited option and she's now running out of room. How can she move her data to a new option? She's mostly concerned with her music at Google Music. How does she delete her mp3s from Google Drive? Leo says she can right-click on each mp3 and select remove. It'll then move them to the trash can, and will be removed after 30 days. She can also manually empty the trash can. 

How Do I Restore My Data From iDrive?


Episode 1788

Cindy from Carson, CA

Cindy recently made a backup of her computer, and then it died. So now she has to restore her data from iDrive to a new computer. But she doesn't know what to do. Leo says that there's a restore folder that she can copy to the hard drive. That way she's not overcopying by restoring one blob back onto the hard drive. She can also search by file extensions. It's a bit of work, but it should be in documents. 

Why can't my PC read my new hard drive?

Episode 1561

Roger from Pasadena, CA

Roger has a 3TB drive in his tower and it's getting full. He bought a 4 TB drive to replace it. Copied everything over. Now the drive isn't being read by Windows after he installed it into his Tower. Leo says it could be the size of the drive. But Windows 10 should be able to read it. Leo recommends trying to recopy it while it's installed in the machine. Reformat the drive and try again. Or, just keep the 4TB drive as an external drive. The speed isn't all that important. So if your PC can read it externally, and your internal drive is fine, just keep it that way.