What's a Good DashCam?


Episode 1595

Todd from Los Angeles, CA

Todd is interested in getting a DashCam that Leo recommended a few years back. Leo likes the OWLCam. It's $350, but that includes a year of LTE service. It's powered by the OBD2 port and will phone home in the event of the car getting broken in.  You can also turn on the camera and interact with the driver,  which is great if you have teenage drivers.

What's the best dashcam for Uber & Lyft drivers?

Transcend Drive Pro 520

Episode 1374

Lee from Los Angeles, CA

Lee is a broadcaster who drives Uber & Lyft in his spare time. He's interested in a dual lens dashcam for his car. He'd like to stream live from it in addition to recording. Leo says that dashboard cams are huge, but most only face out. There are many that have two lens juxtaposed, though. To stream live, he'd need a WiFi access point that it can connect to.

What's the best dash cam for recording in front and inside the car?

Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam

Episode 1291

Cindy from Temecula, CA

Cindy is interested in dashcams. Leo says that the Wirecutter says the Z-Edge Z3 is the best. It's a great deal at $100. She also wants one forward and backward to monitor the inside of the car. Leo says that there's several models that can do that. So she should head to the Wirecutter for more guidance.