dark sky

Why is my weather app giving me wrong data?

Yahoo Weather

Episode 1653

Dave from Ridgecrest, CA

Dave runs a Mac Mini and on Firefox, he's having an issue with his favorites. He links for Weather Data, and now the location data is all wrong. Leo says that since Dave is using a yahoo website, that could be part of the problem. Most weather people think that Yahoo's weather app is awful. Leo suggests trying a new website like Dark Sky. The browser may also be getting the wrong location data from the link, so it could be corrupted.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1055

Johnny Jet is in Canada, not at the Olympics. He went to the London Olympics two years ago. Leo says that it's probably a good thing since on Twitter, the hashtag #sochiproblems is lighting up twitter with issues in rooms, unfinished hotels, and bad water. Leo says he'd rather go to the World Cup. Johnny says it's fun to travel to those destinations, but not during a big event like the olympics. It'll cost two to three times as much, it'll be tough to get reservations, and it's even more likely you'll get robbed during them. Better to go either before or after the event.