Scott Wilkinson and the Hip Dac

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1681

Scott joins Leo to talk about digital-analog converters in mobile phones. Leo says some phones have good DACs, like LG, while others don't, like the iPhone. But Scott says a company called iFi has a new DAC called the HipDac, which also works as an amp. You plug it into the lightning port of an iPhone or USB-C for Android. Scott says the audio quality of the iFi is fantastic. Very liquidy smooth sound. It also has it's own 2200 mAh battery so it doesn't drain your phone. You can also plug it straight into your computer for power.

Why can't I get sound out of my TV?

LG 50UH5500

Episode 1538

Al from Roseburg, OR

Al has an old receiver and he wants to connect his TV to it. He bought one, but he's not getting sound from the TV. If he connects it to the Blu-ray player, though, it works just fine. Leo says that he'll need to go into the LG menu setup and disable the onboard speakers in favor of external speaker output. Another possibility is the DAC may not understand the TV signal because it's encoded, while the BluRay Player is using unencoded PCM audio. Al should figure out what audio the Blu-Ray is sending out and see if he can duplicate that setting on the DAC.

Do I need a digital to analog converter to use a sound bar with an HDTV?

J-Tech Digital Digital to Analog Audio Converter

Episode 1403

Harvey from Pahrump, NV

Harvey wants to get a sound bar for his TV so that dialog will be easier to hear, but his TV doesn't have any analog output. Leo says that since HDTVs are all digital now, there's not much of a reason for manufacturers to put a digital to analog converter inside. The good news is that most sound bars have digital inputs. Harvey already got a J-Tech Digital to Analog Converter.

How can I stream music to my old stereo?

Chromecast Audio

Episode 1398

Lynn from Torrance, CA

Lynn wants to get a new laptop to use for streaming music to her home stereo. What's the best setup for her, Intel or AMD? Leo says either will do. The real issue is that since Lynn is going to be converting analog to digital, she needs a good DAC. She'll want something that's all digital, so she should avoid connecting through the headphone jack. Bluetooth is solid option. Google has Chromecast Audio, which is supported by Spotify and Pandora too.