Cyanogen Mod

Why is my battery life worse after updating my Android phone?

Episode 1262

Michael from Los Angeles, CA

Michael downloaded Kit Kit Android for his Motorola Razor and now he's getting lousy battery life. Leo says that Kit Kat is two versions old now, which is very common with older phones. Leo says that he could downgrade back to the previous version.

Michael can go to He should search for the exact model of Razor in the forums and they will show him how to root his phone and then put a custom recovery and ROM for it. Then he could install the old software or try a newer version under Cyanogen Mod 12.

Can my phone support FM radio?

Episode 1231

Jason from Trinidad

Jason wants to know if modern phones can stream FM radio. Leo says that some have that feature, but it's not in hot demand in the US. So his phone may not have it if it's bought in the US. If he's buying them from an international vendor, he'll have a better chance of getting a phone that supports it. If the hardware supports it, then he could use a third party android app to do it. But not in an iPhone. He'll likely have to root his Android phone to run a separate ROM. Leo likes Cyanogen Mod.

How can I fix my text app after my Galaxy S4 update?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Episode 1192

Steve from Vista, CA

Steve's Samsung Galaxy S4 and the recent update has taken out a messaging feature he relies on. Leo says that often happens in an update. But it may also be something he can fix in the default applications menu. If that's not going to fix it, then Steve's only other option is to root his phone and put a custom OS like Cyanogen mod on it.

Can I install Android KitKat on a Nexus 6?

Episode 1185

Vladimir from Carlsbad, CA

Vladimir has a BMW i3 and wonders if he can integrate his smartphone with it. On his previous car, he had to manually enter all his contacts and it was tedious. Leo says that his car copied over his contacts so it was pretty easy. Vladimir got the numbers, but not the addresses, though. Leo says that Audi's do addresses. Vladimir used a phone with KitKat and it worked just fine, so that's a workaround. Leo says that's very odd. But at least he got the data in. But it sounds like maybe a Lollipop security feature prevented it from doing addresses.

What pay as you go phone is good for Verizon?

Episode 1185

Mike from Indiana, PA

Mike's contract is up with Verizon and he's looking to get a new phone. He wants to buy his own phone and go month to month and get off the contract. Leo says that family plans are beneficial and he wonders why people just don't get together to get one. Leo says that the Droid Turbo is quite nice. The MotoX is a nice size. If you can still get a Samsung Galaxy SIII phone, it's a great phone, and you may be able to get it free. Verizon also allows you to bring a phone to your pay as you go. The One Plus One may be able to work on Verizon.

How can I install apps on my Android SD card?

LG Optimus

Episode 1053

David from Lake Balboa, CA

David got a new LG phone and now he can't put apps on his miniSD card. He could on his old HTC One, though. Leo says that LG may be preventing app installations on it. Or, it could be a function of the app that prohibits it. If it's a widget, then it can't. Also, that phone may not support it from LG's point of view. David can root the phone, though. CyanogenMod will do it.