Customer Service

What Can I Do If My ISP Doesn't Show Up to Install?


Episode 1772

Steve from Los Angeles, CA

Steve ordered internet service to his house and he had to sue them in small claims court because they didn't show up to install it. He won a judgment of $600 plus court costs thanks to a California state law that provides for such relief. Leo says that it's likely the technician had a choice to either fix a complicated install and stand up the next guy, or stop the install and move on. Either way, a customer gets left in the lurch. But not showing up at all is bad customer service, and $600 is about right for a wasted afternoon.

How can I get Microsoft to replace my laptop?

Episode 1412

Johnny from Atlanta, GA

Johnny is a Microsoft developer and he has noticed that his laptop battery has expanded, creating a bulge and warp. So he had to get it repaired. But Microsoft wants $600 to repair it!But there's a silver lining in that Microsoft replaced the laptop for free instead. But it took a few months. Leo says that's irresponsible because a laptop with a bulging battery is basically a bomb waiting to go off. Leo says it's stories like that which led Consumer Reports to ding Microsoft for its terrible long term reliability.

Why doesn't NumberSync work on AT&T?

Episode 1317

John from Sherman Oaks, CA

John has discovered that he can use his mobile phone number through his Samsung Gear Watch through NumberSync. He can also sync it with his tablet. But people that have called him have been getting a voicemail message saying he's not accepting calls. AT&T swapped out his phone and his watch, and while AT&T says they never had this issue before, there's forum posts filled with people complaining about the problem. Leo says that AT&T is chasing a dollar.

Why doesn't the trackpoint work on my laptop?

Episode 1080

Heather from Asheville, NC

Heather is a writer and her track pad isn't working on her Lenovo laptop. She upgraded to a new Dell, and issues with it, so she returned it. She's afraid to buy a new computer because she can't find a laptop with a track point that works.

Leo says that looking for reviews of laptops can be an indicator of a problem brewing. Leo says that the best thing users can do when they're having trouble is post their reviews so that others can see the issues. The companies tend to watch them, also. Not many companies make track points on laptops anymore, either.