Beware of the CryptoLocker Virus

CryptoLocker is an awful virus that an alarming amount of people are falling victim to. It presents itself in the form of an email message that will look familiar and authentic. This could be something from a bank or paypal, prompting you to click a link. It may look like a .PDF file, but in reality it's an executable file that launches the virus.

What happens to my backups if I get the CryptoLocker virus?

Episode 1026

John from La Habra, CA

John has a Windows 7 PC and is worried that if he gets bit by CryptoLocker, he will lose his backups. Leo says that Carbonite has "versioning" which means it backs up different versions of his data. If his current copy is affected, he can always delete his data and restore from Carbonite. It's not a substitute for protection and behavior, but it's a good last line of defense. If he gets the virus, it's important to also wipe the hard drive, reinstall Windows, and run updates.

Steve Gibson and CryptoLocker

Episode 1026

Steve Gibson joins Leo to talk about a dangerous new virus called CyptoLocker. Steve says an alarming number of people are falling victim to it. CyptoLock locks out all user data files and uses strong encryption on them. Leo calls it ransomware, but this is at a new level. If you get bit, they will demand $300 from you in USD, Euros, or even BitCoin. You'll have 72 hours to send them the money and if you don't, they delete the key and your data is useless. There's no guarantee that even if you pay it, you'll get your files back.

CryptoLocker Virus Is Spreading and Could Hold Your Data Hostage

Episode 1025

Leo says that there's a new virus going around that is actually really well written and difficult for antivirus to detect. If you get it, it will encrypt all of your data, and will require you to pay to get the encryption key. Leo wants to remind everyone to update not only your OS, but also other software such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, and anything else you use that can be easily corrupted by malware.