Johnny Jet ... Working all Week

Johnny Jet

Episode 1800

Johnny Jet worked all week to find the best seats for his dad to fly back East. Things change so often that if you can't get seats one day, you try the next. Don't give up until you find the best seats you want. 

Travel News - 1.9 Million went through TSA this week, the most since last year. So leisure travel is back to 2019 levels. But business travel is another issue, and it may not come back. Businesses have discovered that they can do a lot of their work virtually, and it's changed the way companies are doing business. 

Johnny Jet ...Check your Equipment

Johnny Jet

Episode 1602

Johnny Jet says that before you book your flight, always look at what birds they're using for that flight. You can find that out online as you book. Not all planes are created equal. Johnny Jet uses Google Flights but also goes to the airline website to find out what plane is flying on his flight. You want a wide body whenever possible. 

And if you fly American, when you fly, you can get free upgrades in the offseason. 

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Johnny Jet

Episode 1527

Leo tells Johnny Jet that he's impressed with just how good cruising is now thanks to technology. The Wi-Fi has gotten much faster and the pay service is getting more affordable. $30 for three hours, which you can stretch out by logging off when you're done and stopping the clock. Johnny Jet says that the new ships are smaller in space, because of all the technology. If you want space, you are better off cruising on the older ships.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1081

Johnny Jet is in Europe crusing around the Mediterranean near the island of Elba. And he didn't want to miss the show, so he called in on a satellite phone!

Johnny's found a great website called You can rent boats. You can also rent out your own boat. Over 13 million registered users. So if you want to go boating but don't want to buy one, check out BoatBound!