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Johnny Jet ... Back from the Desert

Johnny Jet

Episode 1802

Johnny just got back from a trip to Palm Desert, which he drove to this time around. With the latest Covid variants affecting kids, it's best to stay grounded for a while. 

Travel Tip of the week - there's a new scam where if you see photographers taking pictures and you stop to do the same, it may be a setup in order to break into your car and steal everything. So be on the lookout. And do NOT leave anything valuable in your car.

Johnny Jet ... Working all Week

Johnny Jet

Episode 1800

Johnny Jet worked all week to find the best seats for his dad to fly back East. Things change so often that if you can't get seats one day, you try the next. Don't give up until you find the best seats you want. 

Travel News - 1.9 Million went through TSA this week, the most since last year. So leisure travel is back to 2019 levels. But business travel is another issue, and it may not come back. Businesses have discovered that they can do a lot of their work virtually, and it's changed the way companies are doing business.