How can I fundraise using Facebook?


Episode 1501

Florentina from Spain

Florentina lost her home recently and wants to use Facebook to raise money to get into a new place. Leo says that Facebook is ideal for that because everyone is there and she can run her campaign directly from her feed. She should go to She can do everything from non-profit fundraising to personal campaigns for emergency purposes, which this certainly qualifies. Another option is

How can I get a device made?

Episode 1326

Aaron from Melbourne, AUS

Aaron is an IT guy and he has a device he wants to market and manufacture for sale. How would he go about that? Leo says that the first step is Kickstarter. The trick is going to be to make a prototype. Aaron should check out That way he can mock up a PC board in software and then send it to get one made. Once he has a prototype made, then he can go on Kickstarter and raise the money to take it to manufacturing. That's where the real work begins.

Can crowdfunding help a band?

Episode 1316

Ryan from Canada

Ryan plays in an indy music band and they've been doing really well with crowdfunding for their projects. They've since made the fans their record label and they're even more successful, even though they aren't making as much money. They get more money from every sale. Leo says that when record companies rob artists by taking the lion's share of the profits, what do they expect but their talent going with a more independent business model that benefits them in the longer run? They have greater fan engagement. They also get more out of merchandising.

Is GoFundMe good for raising money?

Episode 1306

Kevin from Los Angeles, CA

Kevin is going to be studying film abroad for his senior year in college. He needs to raise funds to travel to Great Britain for school. He's thinking of starting a GoFundMe campaign and using crowdfunding to do it. Leo says why not? Surely there are people who would chip in to get Kevin there. He shouldn't expect strangers to chip in, but friends and family, and maybe friends of friends would do it. GoFundMe will take a piece of the pie though, so he should factor that in on his goal.

What crowdfunding site should I use for my personal project?

Episode 1262

Scott from Jasper, GA

Scott wants to do medical weight loss surgery and he wants to raise the money to pay for his share of the cost. Which crowdfunding site should he use? Leo says that GoFundMe is the best for a personal project like weight loss. Chances are he's going to get most of his help from friends and family, and people he knows on Facebook. Another option is Patreon.

How can I monetize my site?

Episode 1075

Josh from Atlanta, GA

Josh wants to create an online photosite on Instagram and other avenues, but how does he do that and pay the rent? Leo says he'll have to focus on building his audience and the money will come. He should build the community first. Figure out what he loves doing and base it on that. What he is passionate about is the best place to start. Since Josh has over a half million followers on Instagram, that's a heck of a place to build on.