creative commons

How can I download photos and images from Google?

Creative Commons

Episode 1477

George from Santa Monica, CA

George is having issues viewing images on Google Images and downloading them. Leo says that was due to users not buying clipart anymore when they can simply go to Google Images and download them for free. He can still save them, but technically it is piracy. That's why Leo recommends going into the tools section under "rights" and selecting "creative commons" or "approved for reuse".

Where can I find free or inexpensive stock music?

Episode 879

Jim from Temecula, CA

Jim is a school teacher and he’s been doing a video project and his colleagues think that he should sell it. There's music in it though that he can't use because it would be prohibitively expensive to license it. There is a fair use exemption for educational non-commercial use, but the minute he starts selling it all bets are off. There are more inexpensive options for obtaining free music licensed under Creative Commons or purchasing inexpensive royalty-free media: