Why does my computer freeze when waking up from sleep mode?

Episode 1072

Michael from Garden Grove, CA

Mike's computer freezes up when it's coming out of sleep mode. Leo says that it's a common problem with computers, especially Macs. But even Windows machines have this happen. It's like the computer is "groggy." Sleep puts the computer into a low power mode but still feeds power to the RAM to prevent the user from losing information. It can be problematic, though. Hybernation has it's own similar issues. Leo suspects that since the mouse and keyboard work, that the computer hasn't really crashed. He should do a Google search for the specific computer model.

Why does my computer keep crashing?

Episode 1038

Cindi from Long Beach, CA

Cindi's computer has been crashing and she only uses one program that takes up most of her space. Leo says that Windows PCs don't run well when the hard drives are mostly full. Leo says that since Cindi's computer is used for large scale printing, it's likely most of that room is taken up by saving image files on the computer hard drive. It'll be better to have her data on an external drive instead.

Why do I get a strange error message when Firefox crashes? (Part 1)

Episode 972

Steve from California

Steve has a PC and Mac. When he uses Firefox on the Mac, however, he gets an error message whenever the browser would crash. Leo says that message is telling him that when he reopens the browser, the tabs and windows he had open will come back up when he relaunches the browser. He can disable this setting if he doesn't want it to do this.

Why did my computer start crashing after installing Windows 7?

Episode 961

Dave from Miami Beach, FL

John upgraded to Windows 7 and after installing it, it started crashing. Leo says it could be a flakey power supply, or the video card could be overheating. It's definitely a hardware failure and since it's an older computer, it was just a matter of time before it would happen. Open up the computer and make sure the fans are running on the CPU and around the computer. He can even vacuum out the dust to clean it up.