Microsoft's First Windows 10 Update Meets Widespread Criticism

Microsoft Windows 10 Start Menu

Episode 1313

Microsoft's first anniversary update has broken many peripherals and applications. Leo says that since it's more difficult to roll back now that the Windows 10 deadline has passed, it comes down to waiting for your device or application to fix the issue with a new update or driver. Leo says that Microsoft should take a page from Linux and have a stable version when their updates start crashing systems.

The chatroom also says that Microsoft has reduced the rollback window from 30 days to 10 days. Leo says that still should be enough to determine if you like Windows 10 or not.

Why does my computer crash when I close a program?

Episode 1311

Mike from Huntington Beach, CA

Mike's home built computer crashes when he closes a program. The screen turns black and hangs up. It doesn't work again unless he reboots it. Leo says that's the hassle with building his own -- he has to eliminate each issue. Leo says the first thing to do is update his video card driver. He thinks it may be a bad driver. Leo says he can try booting to a USB key with Ubuntu on it and try to repeat the issue. If it repeats, he'll know it's a hardware issue. If it doesn't, he'll know it's a software issue.

Why does my webcam crash?

Episode 1260

Brennan from Dallas, TX

Brennan has Windows 10, but his webcam app is crashing. Leo has a hunch that there's a driver issue, and that going to the manufacturer website and updating all the drivers would solve it.

Leo also says to try another program that can use the camera to see if it works. If it doesn't, then it's definitely the camera driver. If it doesn't crash, then it's the camera app that's causing the problem.

Why does my iPad keep crashing?

Apple iPad Air 2

Episode 1220

Paul from Tarzana, CA

Paul bought an iPad Air 2 and it reboots itself, so he returned it and got a new one, and it's rebooting again. Sometimes the iPad can crash in the SpringBoard, which is called a ReSpring. But that's just Springboard reloading. If it's a hard crash, that could be a hardware issue. But since Paul replaced the tablet and his app is crashing, that points to a specific app problem. If it's video streaming, then that's an unrelated bandwidth issue. And if the crash persists after he removes the app, then he may need to do a factory restore to reset the tablet completely and reload the OS.

Why does my laptop freeze up?

Episode 1181

Jane from Redding, PA

Jane's laptop consistently freezes up when she's doing things. Can that be caused by the battery? Leo says one way to test it is to remove the battery and plug it in to the AC adapter. If that resolves the issue, then it probably is the battery. But the battery is one of those that either works or doesn't work at all. It could be the power supply that is failing.

How can I stop a computer from rebooting or shutting down?

Computer fan

Episode 1152

Matthew from Diamond Bar, CA

Matthew has an Asus laptop and it restarts from time to time. Leo says that it's crashing and shutting down to protect the hardware from damage. Leo suspects that it's overheating. Matthew can remove the outer case and clean it out with a vaccum cleaner or blower. A fan may also have stopped working, especially one for the CPU. If the thermal paste that attaches the fan to the CPU has dried out, that could be causing overheating issues as well. A flakey power supply is also a possible culprit. Leo suggests finding an independent computer expert that can fix it.

Should I be concerned about a warning message to backup?

Hard drive

Episode 1141

Tom from Riverside, CA

Tom is getting an error message on his Windows computer that his hard drive may be starting to die. Should be believe it? He just bought it. Leo says to always keep his hard drive backed up, but Leo says that over-relying on Windows can be a mistake. Most hard drives have a technology called SMART which can warn him of some errors. So yes, he should be concerned and always have a backup just in case.

Why does my blu-ray player freeze up?

Episode 1107

Sara from Santa Monica, CA

Sara's Blu-ray player freezes up about an hour in and won't go forward. Leo says that Blu-ray players are essentially computers and it could easily be that the laser is dirty or damaged. And blu-ray players are cheap, so just buy another one. But if it's part of your Sony PS3, then it would be worth getting it cleaned. But a stand alone Blu-ray player? Just replace it. The chatroom also says that a firmware update could be necessary.

Why is my MacBook Pro crashing after I installed an SSD?

Episode 1086

David from San Bernardino, CA

David has a MacBook Pro, but ever since he put a new SSD in, it keeps crashing. He's also noticed it happening when he's using Proxy in Eset. Leo says to turn off proxy and see if it still crashes. Leo says it could be that the cable to the SSD isn't secured properly, or it could be the SSD itself. He should open it back up and check all the connections.