Is PayPal safe for Craigslist?


Episode 1559

Ashley from North Carolina

Ashley is trying to sell his MacBook Air on Craigslist, and the person most interested wants to pay through PayPal and have it shipped. Leo says that the benefit of PayPal is that there are guarantees for payment. However, there are cases when those guarantees are not enough. So it's important to take a close look at what PayPal will do to protect him. He should look at their buyer ratings on eBay, if they have them.

It's always hard to prove if they got the item, and they can always say they didn't receive it. So he should make sure he is protected.

Are there scammers on Wallapop?

Episode 1259

Robert from Rolling Hills, CA

Robert called in to address an issue with Wallapop, a website and app that allows people to buy and sell things locally. It's supposed to be an easier and more local version of Craigslist, but it isn't without its own set of issues. Robert noticed when trying to sell something on Wallapop that there were a significant amount of scammers using the service. He urges people to be careful and cautious when using this service -- especially since they bought a lot of Super Bowl ads and more people may be finding out about it.

Should I buy a used computer on Craigslist?

Apple MacBook Air

Episode 1183

Maria from Riverside, CA

Maria is looking to buy a used MacBook on Craigslist. Leo says that it's risky to buy other people's used computers because she'll be buying other people's problems. Additionally, Craigslist is the home of scammers. It can even be dangerous. Leo advises going to Apple and looking at their refurbished products. She can save a few hundred that way and she'll still get the warranty to boot. A MacBook Air is affordable, thin, and very powerful. The 13" MacBook Air is Maria's best option.

Federal Judge Rules That Amazon Must Unmask Negative Reviewers


Episode 1100

Ubervita, a nutritional supplement firm, said that they want to know who's publishing negative reviews on of their products. The judge said Ubervita can issue subpoenas to Amazon and Craigslist to get user identities. US District Judge Marsha Pechman wrote on Wednesday: "Ubervita may serve subpoenas on Amazon, Inc. (or other appropriate Amazon entity) and Craiglist, Inc.

Why do my Craigslist postings keep getting flagged?

Episode 961

Doug from Temecula, CA

Doug keeps posting to Craigslist and he keeps getting flagged. Leo says that if his posts are being flagged, then someone either doesn't like him or he's putting it on the wrong section. It may also be that Doug has been put on a black list for spamming. There's no real way to overturn that.

Ways around it is to use a VPN or Tore, which will hide Doug's IP address. Craigslist has an auto robot that searches posts for spam and kills them, but Craigslist doesn't say how to avoid it.

How can I advertise to other states on Craigslist?

Episode 904

Eric from Los Angeles, CA

Eric created an app called Treadmill Tricorder, but it hasn't done very well sales wise. He's trying to transform it into a tool for repair people. He wants to advertise on Craigslist, but they won't allow him to post in other areas. Leo says it's Craigslist page and their rules, so there's not much he can do. This is just what they do. They also shut down a great app called PadMapper, which would map craigslist postings for apartments. Craigslist never changes or innovates, and they force others not to either. But that's their right.