Governments Using Smartphone Location Data to Enforce Social Distancing

Smartphone Location Tracking

Episode 1684

Countries are using cellphone location data to not only enforce mandatory social distancing but also to see who patients have been in contact with the virus, to find out how that patient was infected. Other countries are using facial recognition to punish those in defiance of the orders and gathering together.

So while technology can be used for the greater good, namely trying to stem the tide of the Coronavirus outbreak, it can also be used as a dreadful tool for the surveillance state.

Johnny Jet ... Refuse the Upgrade

Johnny Jet

Episode 1681

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how airlines that are flying have nearly empty flights. He says though, that airlines are using first-class upgrades as an incentive and as such, it can get a bit denser up in first class. So he advises refusing the upgrade and going in the back of the plane where there are fewer passengers and you can have more distance between passengers. It also equates to more room for you.

Johnny Jet ... Grounded

Johnny Jet

Episode 1675

This week, Johnny Jet is "grounded." Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, he's limited himself by avoiding unnecessary travel. Johnny Jet says he would not go on a cruise ship right now, simply because you could get quarantined and if you are, your chances of getting infected go up. But if you have to travel, Johnny Jet recommends bringing antibacterial wipes to wipe down your seat, tray table, window, anything you may come in contact with. And bring along hand sanitizer and wash your hands often. You can't really be too careful.