Should I buy a Chromebook?

Acer Chromebook 15

Episode 1525

Sherry from Los Angeles, CA

Sherry is looking for an affordable Chromebook with a budget of $350. Rich says that to be sure he doesn't get one so cheap that it's underpowered. Acer makes a good model in that price range. She should also get one that has a touch screen so that she can use Android apps. Unfortunately, Chromebooks won't let users install third party apps other than Android apps, but if she can live with that, Rich recommends going to Costco to pick up one.

Can I still get a laptop with a CD drive?

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

Episode 1402

Kathy from Tustin, CA

Kathy wants a new computer with a built-in CD drive. Leo says that they're getting fewer and farther between, and both Microsoft and Apple have stopped making them. Dell's Inspiron has one, and Acer and Asus both have it. Is Costco a good place to buy them? Leo says that the advantage of Costco is both their return policy and their extended warranty. But they may be discontinued models as well. So she'll want to be sure that isn't the case.

What can I do with a bad computer I bought at Costco?

Episode 1085

Mary from Northridge, CA

Mary bought a new computer at Costco, and began having issues with it right out of the box. Should she contact Microsoft? Leo says no, she should take it back! Don't try and fix a computer that's out of the box -- put it back and tell them it doesn't work. Since it's happened to her more than once, it makes Leo wonder if it's a refurbished computer or if Costco is selling returned computers as new. This isn't her problem, it's Costco's!