Cord Cutting

How do I cut the cable?

Episode 1257

G. Scott from Lake Tahoe, CA

G. Scott is thinking of cutting the cable, and streaming all of his TV online. Leo says that we're on the cusp of being able to do that with the FCC looking to allow third party cable boxes. But the industry is drastically changing as it becomes easier and easier to get TV shows online. The only challenge is live TV, but if he has a direct line to the TV stations with no obstructions, he can put up a TV antenna and get even better HD quality then that cable box anyway. But even that is changing, and Leo predicts that we'll have live streaming everywhere very soon. It's already started.

Cord Cutting Is Accelerating, and Wall Street Is Noticing

Episode 1209

This week, Wall Street punished cable companies in trading as news came out that so called cable cutting or cord cutting, is accelerating faster than anyone expected. On top of that, investors and Cable companies are learning that the next generation of viewers aren't watching TV at all. They're watching YouTube. And that's got cable companies and TV broadcasters mighty nervous. But ISPs are jacking up the price of internet to the point where cord cutters aren't saving anything to cut the cable, especially when you add additional services like Netflix, HBO Now and others.

Is the Chromecast a good way to get more TV content without buying more Dish channels?

Episode 1161

Daniel from Lake Forest, CA

Daniel is wondering if a Google Chromecast would be a good way to get more content without buying more Dish channels. He also was wondering if he could get local channels. Leo says he wouldn't get local channels with a Chromecast. The Supreme Court's decision against Aereo, a service that would stream local channels for a small fee, it will be unlikely for awhile to get local channels online.

How can I cut the cord on my satellite service?

Episode 1073

Debbie from Pennsylvania

Debbie is looking to cut the cord and cancel her satellite service. Leo says that the good news is most of the programming on TV, except live TV, is available over the Internet through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vudu, etc. With all that, who needs satellite or cable? Debbie wants to know how she can get that content from the internet on her TV.

How can I record TV with an antenna?


Episode 1048

Robin from North Hills, CA

Robin is looking to cut the cable and wants to use an over-the-air antenna to get live TV. Leo says that if she can get reception, then an antenna can take over for the satellite and she'll end up with a very nice, and more uncompressed HD broadcast. Leo advises going to and see what she can get in her area based on her address. It'll also recommend the best antenna for her area.

Why am I getting lousy antenna reception?

Episode 1040

Raymond from Highland, IN

Raymond cut the cable a year ago and is relying on an antenna for local broadcast channels. But his reception isn't that great in the basement. It's much better on the third floor. Leo says that a smaller antenna in the basement isn't going to give him as good of reception than a higher antenna that's on the roof. It's better to have that and wire it through the house. Leo advises going to and see what the best options are for his area. Another option is

Is there a way to watch the NFL on the Roku?

Episode 975

Nick from Devine, TX

Nick has AT&T U-Verse and a Panasonic Viera TV. He wants to completely cut the cable cord and watch all of his favorite sports online. Leo says it depends on the sport because some professional sporting leagues have a more open approach to the internet than others. Nick likes football, and Leo says that the NFL is gradually moving toward streaming. The SuperBowl was streamed live this year and last year.

Is there a way to stream the World Series online?

Episode 920

Jim from Ventura, CA

Jim recently cut his cable subscription, and now is kind of regretting it because he can't watch the World Series. MLB Live was supposed to carry all of the post season, but they have stopped after the NLCS. It's due to the cable and satellite companies that are preventing access from the Internet. Live events are the weakness of cord cutting in that users can't watch live TV. The time is coming, but the carriers aren't going into that willingly. Meanwhile, we're out of luck.