copy protection

Can I use my Dish DVR drive in another DVR and keep the content?


Episode 1152

Jerry from Whittier, CA

Jerry added a hard drive to his DVR, and he's considering a change from Dish to another service. Will he be able to keep his content? Leo says no. They're probably formatted with the same standard, but the issue is that the content is encrypted by Dish. He could still use it, but he'd have to "rebless" it with the new DVR and that would require erasing the hard drive completely. That's because Hollywood is deathly afraid he'll take that content, burn DVDs and sell them.

Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1123

Scott joins Leo to talk about the "dirty little secret" in video -- and that's the new HD Copy Protection that's coming. Scott says that 4K is really pushing to make people to believe that HD just isn't good enough, and 4K Blu-ray is coming. HDCP Copy Protection is also coming for 4K. Version 2.2 and every device in the signal chain has to be compliant or the video won't work on your TV. So you have to have a new TV, new Blu-ray player, new a/v receiver. All to watch a 4K Blu-way DVD. Leo says that's going to kill off optical media for sure.

How can I restore my Windows 8 activation key?

Episod 1093

John from Dayton, OH

John is having issues with Windows 8.1 and a hard drive failure that has wiped out his Windows key. Leo says if he doesn't have the key, he'll have to contact Microsoft. There may be a way to recover the key from the hard drive. The chatroom says Belarc Advisor can give him the key as it will have it listed in it's register. Leo says that Microsoft also saves the product key in his Microsoft account, so he can log in with another machine and see it. But John says that Microsoft has blocked the key, so it won't help. Leo says the boot UFEI firmware saves it as well.

Why won't the software I bought work?

Episode 1065

Geri from Los Angeles, CA

Geri is having trouble with software she bought. When she tries to send in for the activation code, it says her "machine ID" keeps changing. Leo says that there is no such thing as a "machine ID." Often, copy protection has to phone home to authenticate it, and if the company website is down, it won't work properly. Geri should call them. If there's no answer, and the company has gone out of business, she should contact her credit card company and get them to charge it back. She may have been scammed.

Why can't I get DVDs to play correctly?

Episode 998

John from Newport Richey, FL

John bought a DVD player and the DVDs just aren't playing right. So he returned it and got another but he's having issues with that one as well. Leo says that if John is playing off the analog component cable, then it's likely he's dealing with copy protection and the TV isn't supporting the analog hole. Leo says to look on the back of the TV and choose the best quality connector. Ideally, HDMI is the way to go. Component will work as well, but he just needs the right cables.

How can I capture images from a DVD? (Part 2)

Episode 972

Steve from California

Steve would also like to capture images off of a DVD, but it won't let him do it. Leo says that is an antipiracy measure. DVD players won't allow it. There's always a way around it, though.

He can go into his video card properties setting and turn off video acceleration. Then Cmd-Shift-3 will capture it. Another option is to use VLC Media player to play his DVDs.

How do I connect the DISH Network Hopper?

Episode 967

Rich from Florence, MT

Rich just upgraded to DISH Network's Hopper, but is only getting a green screen by HDMI connection. Leo says that it could be a copy protection issue and recommends trying a different HDMI. It may also be that Rich's TV doesn't support HDCP, and the Hopper is HDCP compliant. Also, he should make sure he's plugging the cable into the proper port. The port or cable could be bad. Try the easy stuff first. Then contact DISH.

Is DRM a good idea for eBooks?

Episode 964

Bob from Pasadena, CA

Chris has created a new website called Cruise Port Insider, which gives the inside track of what to do when you're "in port." Leo says that's a great idea and wonders if Chris crowd sources the data. He's also created eBooks for cruisers to download. On Amazon, it asks about digital rights management so he's wondering if DRM a good idea for eBooks. Leo says he doesn't like DRM. It doesn't protect the content creator from piracy, because the pirates can always defeat it. All DRM does is frustrate legitimate readers.