copy protection

How do I connect the DISH Network Hopper?

Episode 967

Rich from Florence, MT

Rich just upgraded to DISH Network's Hopper, but is only getting a green screen by HDMI connection. Leo says that it could be a copy protection issue and recommends trying a different HDMI. It may also be that Rich's TV doesn't support HDCP, and the Hopper is HDCP compliant. Also, he should make sure he's plugging the cable into the proper port. The port or cable could be bad. Try the easy stuff first. Then contact DISH.

Is DRM a good idea for eBooks?

Episode 964

Bob from Pasadena, CA

Chris has created a new website called Cruise Port Insider, which gives the inside track of what to do when you're "in port." Leo says that's a great idea and wonders if Chris crowd sources the data. He's also created eBooks for cruisers to download. On Amazon, it asks about digital rights management so he's wondering if DRM a good idea for eBooks. Leo says he doesn't like DRM. It doesn't protect the content creator from piracy, because the pirates can always defeat it. All DRM does is frustrate legitimate readers.

Why can't I play DVDs on a projector from my laptop?

Epson Powerlite

Episode 933

Jay from Whittier, CA

This is because of copy protection. To play back a Blu-ray and project it, all of his hardware has to be compatible with HDCP copy protection. Anything in the chain will throw it off. Leo says that unless the laptop has an HDMI connection, it's likely that it won't support it. In fact, Powerlight is largely for powerpoint presentations. Another thing to try is turning off hardware acceleration. He could try the mirroring feature with the projector as the primary display.

How do I deal with copy protection on Blu-Ray movies on my computer?

Blu Ray Logo

Episode 923

Terry from Missouri

Terry got a new Dell Computer with a Blu-ray player, but when he puts the blu-ray disc into it, it goes to Windows basic. Leo says that's normal. It's requiring HDCP to his TV. Leo says that the reason why Apple has never put blu-ray on their Macs is because it's a "bag of hurt," since Blu-ray is heavily copy protected. This is why he needs not only an HDCP compliant HDMI cable, but also a TV that supports it. It's stupid because all it does is teach users to be pirates because it's just easier to go onto the net and find what they want from Bit Torrent.

Why won't my XBOX 360 stream everything I want it to? (Part 1)

Episode 917

Neil from Arizona

Leo says that there's probably copy protection on older purchased tracks that Neil bought online. The good news is that for $25, iTunes Match will let him replace the songs he bought that were copy protected with DRM free ones. Not only will he be able to replace all his music with DRM free, but they'll be upgraded to 256KB quality music. Even if he only does it once, it's a bargain.

Could I take the hard drive from my old computer and just put it into my new PC?

Episode 911

Mike from California

There are two problems with this. First, despite the fact that the computer may be similar to the old one, it's not identical. Drivers are different, so some things may not work. Leo recommends starting in safe mode first, and remove drivers for devices that had changed, then let Windows plug and play new drivers.

Do I really need to connect my DVD player to the internet to "update the software"?

Episode 884

David from Van Nuys, CA

No, it's really not essential. They want people to plug in to update the copy protection files. If he doesn't, it’s possible the Blu-ray won’t play. But right now, it’s just for interactive features. Leo also says that there aren’t a lot of Blu-ray copying software utilities out there because the files are just too big.

My copy of Maya from Autodesk expired and now it won't let me reinstall. What can I do?

Episode 882

Jim from El Monte, CA

Maya from Autodesk is 3D rendering and animation software, and Jim forgot to activate it during the trial period. Now it won't let him reinstall it. He contacted their tech support, and they told him that he needs to go into the Terminal (OS X's command line) to fix it.