Why can't I save my location in my browser?

Location Tracking

Episode 1761

Dave from Ridgecrest, CA

Dave wants to be able to save locations in his browser. He used to be able to do it, but now it won't let him. What gives? Leo says that most sites automatically do it if you permit them to do so. It uses a file called a cookie. To do it, you can delete the cookies or even block them, though, and if Dave did that, it could be why he can't save the location data. Leo recommends going into your browser and look at your privacy settings. You can then change them to allow cookies to be saved. 

Why Can't I Log Into Gmail?


Episode 1701

Daisy from Huntington Beach, CA

Daisy is a teacher, who is now doing distance learning with her kids and she's having issues logging into her district Gmail account. She gets a google sign-in page that opens when she goes to Google Hangouts. She now can't get into her account. Leo suspects that is a phony phishing scam that has gotten her credentials and then locked her out. Leo suggests contacting the district IT office and have the password reset and 2-factor authentication set up so that it won't happen again. 

Are Notifications and Cookies a Security Risk?


Episode 1646

Jay from Providence, North Carolina

Jay is being bothered by third party cookies and notifications. Is that still a security risk? Leo says that websites don't want to wait for you to come to them, they want to push their content to you. Leo always says no by default, and he also recommends browsers like Firefox and Brave, that will globally say no to notifications. It's in their app settings. Cookies, by contrast, get a bad wrap. Cookies aren't really dangerous. They basically save settings so when you return to a site, you don't have to enter your password again.

Why won't Facebook let me log into my second account?

Episode 1519

Caller from California

Caller is having trouble accessing her second Facebook account. Leo says that Facebook has locked one out. Leo says that Facebook doesn't want you to have multiple accounts, though many do. What Leo recommends is using separate browsers (like Chrome and Firefox) for each Facebook account. Or, you can completely log out and then clear your cookies, you can re-log in with the second account.

Can I delete my cookies?

Episode 1278

Jay from Providence, NC

Jay wants to get rid of cookies and prevent them from being saved on his computer. Leo says that cookies are supposed to be used to save data when visiting a website so that when he returns to it, he won't have to reload or relogin. Not only that, but it gives him ads based on his interests. He can turn off 3rd party cookies, though, if he wants.

How can I get the same rate for travel when searching online?

Episode 1259

Sandy from Orange County, CA

Sandy hears that airlines can raise the price of a ticket if she doesn't buy it right away. Leo says that's true. Browsing an airline will put a "cookie" in the browser which will save the information and the site will then see she's been there and raise the cost. Leo recommends clearing her cookies, or better yet, browse in incognito or private mode. That way she's always looking with "fresh eyes" and they don't know who she is until she's ready to check out.

Why do I have to go through more trouble logging onto my banking website since updating Windows 7?

Episode 916

Ron from Laguna Nigel, CA

Ron has to answer all of his security questions to identify himself every time he logs into his banking website. This is because his browser's cookies have been cleared out. He had the browser set to automatically delete all cookies when he exits. Cookies aren't bad, they simply store information so the user doesn't have to re-identify themselves every time they go to a site. If Ron sets his browser to not automatically delete cookies, he won't have to go through that whole process to identify himself every time he goes to that site.

Why am I getting the Chinese version of

Episode 900

Carlos from Chino, CA

Leo's guessing that Carlos has a cookie that's directing the browser to the Chinese site. He should try clearing cookies to see if that resolves the issue. Or the ISP may be misreading Carlos WiFi as "China" rather than Chino. Go into Internet Options and reset everything. It could also be Malware, a RootKit, or a browser hijack that's redirecting his DNS.